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As this list was created, we are halfway through Gen 18. While this was better than gen 17 in quite a few ways, it could be better. So let us see what we want generation nineteen of TheTopTens to have as qualities.

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1 Creativity Creativity

I think there are too many lists about anime, music, and cartoons being made currently, Thetoptens is full of complaints about no ideas for lists anymore. Here is my tip, I find list ideas unintentionally by looking up things I want to find for something interesting or a good laugh, and if I can't find one, I make it myself. That is what the future Toptenners should do as well. Is - SpectralOwl

Creativity was the key that unlocked humanity's success, and it shall continue to be that way. - Cyri

Yes please. A LOT of this. They're gonna need to fill in the blanks 17 and 18 couldn't. - TwilightKitsune

There are too many lists all on 1 topic. I hope there are new lists that are not under one topic - KingSlayer93316

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2 Respect of opinions Respect of opinions

Obviously, some bad toptenners are notorious for bashing on opinions. This will improve the toptens if you can respect opinions. Remember, if everyone thought the same, the world would be quite boring. So let people be unique on this place. - SpectralOwl

This is important. I known a lot of fans online who bully other people for having a different opinion and its just not right. I think respecting opinions is very important and should be more common in gen-19

Obviously the number one thing that is wrong with this site’s community. Everyone judges certain opinions - KingSlayer93316

3 Maturity

I am not trying to be ageist, but We have quite a few people on Thetoptens posing as they are age 13, when they are around 11 or 10. We consequently have lists like "Top Ten Users of Thetoptens with the stinkiest farts" on this site. many of us can agree that we do not want Immature lists and posts like this in the future - SpectralOwl

As in not add “Porn” to any of the lists like some people do - KingSlayer93316

4 Not begging for attention Not begging for attention

I am not getting a lot of attention but who cares about that? Whatever you do future toptenners, do not give up with this website even if you are unpopular. Just continue being you and you could even have the potential to become a great user

Especially do not retire because you are not popular. Do not give up, even if that is a overused cliche advice piece. You will be noticed eventually. - SpectralOwl

That used to be me when I first joined, but now I am working hard

You got a point there. I mean, I didn't start on this community for attention to be popular and to be higher. I start to be on this community cause I want to make some friends, some more people that are supporting on my lists I make on this website, not to be spamming some endless comments on people for ''I WANT ATTENTION ON MY PROFILE'', it may annoy people and going to refuse to associate with you if you continue. I just want to start on what I have to do before going higher for the things. So, I agree with you. - yamionthetrap

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5 Less cyber bullying Less cyber bullying

Nobody should be bullied at all. In my opinion, bullying should be a crime because nobody I mean NOBODY like bullying! I hope gen-19 doesn't have any bullies at all

Obviously, No one likes cyberbullying. NO ONE. If you know the difference between this and criticism, that is great. Use this knowledge if you would like to be a good Generation 19 users - SpectralOwl

As a Gen-19 user, it is my goal to never bully anyone.

Well Owl may have a point, the grey area for you mila is imagine putting in content during July than you did in May when you joined. Than maybe there is a great debate you are gen 19, but yes of different circumstances. - htoutlaws2012

Cyber bullying isn't real - iliekpiez

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6 Acknowledging the difference between criticism and insulting Acknowledging the difference between criticism and insulting

The policy is heavily complained about due to not recognizing the sheer difference between criticism and straight up bullying for the pleasure of it. Know the difference so Thetoptens will improve. I may have used to deny the existence of constructive criticism, but I did mature eventually, and over sensitivity is not going to make it easy in the long run. - SpectralOwl

There are two meanings of criticism: one is bullying and just being a jerk for the sake of it whilst criticism is just telling off or giving advice to help improve as a user. Overreacting to it ain't going to help at all and makes you look like a SJW crybaby. I may have been easily offended by it on my old account, because I didn't know what it was at first, but now I realised that there are two meanings and if you get offended by a rustler, do NOT feed them. Just take the criticism you get and use it to help improve as a user.

Because calling someone else's work "cancerous" is "criticism" - 445956

Insulting and criticizing is everywhere on this site. Hopefully the 19th Gen will stop this - KingSlayer93316

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7 A lack of trolling A lack of trolling

I question the sanity of people who thirst the response messages of CAPS LOCK all over. Do not feed the trolls. Do not feed them. - SpectralOwl

I absolutely agree with this one. I cannot stand trolls but I wouldn't feed them if I were you. Because if you do feed them you will just make them do it even worse.

Now everyone should know that I got trolled by a brainless Eminem fan named Eminemfan1717 yes he trolled on my smoking scientists list...! - Kevinsidis

8 No bandwagoning No bandwagoning

As soon as more respect of opinions become present, so will be a bigger lack of bandwagoning. So what if you have an unpopular opinion? That is what makes you a unique person! - SpectralOwl

God, I have so many unpopular opinions and I can't believe I used to bandwagon on my old account. Just because someone has an unpopular opinion doesn't mean they are bad

9 Choosing quality over quantity Choosing quality over quantity

I get annoyed when I see countless lists and they have 10 items or under, no description, and no comments to show why this was chosen. If you have a small amount of list ideas, at least make as much as you can to have a lot of quality so you have a chance of you list being featured. - SpectralOwl

Yeah I used to do quantity over quality when I first started in the hope that one of those list become popular and some of them did, but you get even more benefit when you put effort into the list. It really works, because just recently I had 2 list in the same week make the featured list and that of course gets you more comments on your lists. - 2storm

Why can't users just at least try hard on their content T_T
Look, it doesn't always have to be high quality, but all I am saying is that it needs to have at least a bit of effort into it. I don't care about my lists being featured, all I care about is at least some effort put into it.

I always choose the lists over quality to quantity, otherwise, it might show off some lazy work. I despise my first list... :( - yamionthetrap

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10 No negativity for the sake of it

I can understand why some people are depressed when on this site, but when they make all sorts of worst lists and have not even considered making a positive list, then it can get out of hand - SpectralOwl

Just being negative and suicidal for the sake of it isn't really a good thing at all and just doing negative lists for the sake of it can get out of hand

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11 Being original
12 Modesty
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1. Creativity
2. Maturity
3. Less cyber bullying
1. Maturity
2. No bandwagoning
3. Respect of opinions
1. Respect of opinions
2. Creativity
3. Acknowledging the difference between criticism and insulting


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