Top 10 Things We Want to See in Lego Dimensions 2

Yeah, Lego Dimensions has ended support back in 2017, but what if there was a sequel to the game with a new story, new characters, and the ability to play characters from the first game. This is a list for if WB Games decides to make a Lego Dimensions sequel, or i should call it, Lego Dimensions 2.

The Top Ten

1 Start where the first game's story left off

How bout no to marvel and fortnite because it would not form well

2 A Mario Kart style racing mode
3 Marvel characters
4 A Battle Royale style mode like Fortnite
5 Online features
6 A Sandbox mode
7 Play characters from the first Lego Dimensions game
8 Spongebob Squarepants characters
9 Looney Tunes characters
10 PC port
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