Things We Want to See the Most in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Season 5

Here's a list of things the fans want to see the most in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! (If Disney renewed it that is) A kids Tv show/anime shown on Jetix that used to be really popular. There have been rumours that the creator Ciro Neil is going to make a comic about Season 5 someday. As the fans know there have been many questions left unanswered so that's why I made this list. I'd love to hear your opinions

The Top Ten

1 Spova

The classic couple that pretty much most of the fans love. Sparx has never really officially returned his feelings to Nova but their relationship is close to canon - Catlady11

2 Gibotto
3 The Return of the Alchemist
4 Chiro defeating Skeleton King
5 Mandarin turning to the good side
6 Skeleton King beaten up by a horde of villains
7 A colony dropped on them

Best episode ever.

How Operation British destroyed SRMTHFG for good.

I’d pay to see that episode, LOL.

8 Jinmay's past
9 Mandarin's past
10 Chiro's parents

The Contenders

11 A new theme song
12 A crossover episode

Maybe TMNT and SRMTHFG? - Catlady11

13 Original songs sung by the characters

This one is pretty pleasant to imagine - Catlady11

14 Special guest stars
15 Remakes of older episodes

I'd love remakes of Golden Age and Chiro's Girl with improved visuals, color and voice acting - Catlady11

16 A musical episode
17 Valeena Resurrected

I strongly agree with this one. It would even be an interesting bonus if she turned to the good side by fighting with Skeleton King - Catlady11

18 Mandarin's other powers are revealed
19 BT and Glenny are voiced by the famous Dan and Phil
20 Chiro meeting the Hyperforce
21 Chiro is revealed to be Skeleton King's son
22 More laughs
23 Mandarin and Otto's friendship
24 They all get sucked into a black hole
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