Top Ten Things We Want with the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is coming out in a few months! This is a list of my top ten things Nintendo should do with the new console. These are the things the Wii U struggled with and we hope Nintendo will improve.

Hope you like it.

The Top Ten

1 Third party support

It looks like Nintendo is getting lots of third party developers on board with the Switch. Companies like Activision, Komani, and Bethesda (which I am really excited for) are already confirmed to make games! - Dawscr

2 A low price tag
3 More original games

Mario odyssey looks original so who knows?

We don't want 50 more Super Mario 3D Extravaganza Party 23 with a side of Fries and Sonic at the Games. - Dawscr

4 Great launch games
5 Power that can compete with newer consoles
6 Better graphics
7 Improved online functionality
8 Long battery life for the Switch portable controller
9 Bigger selection of eShop games

I love the Virtual Console on the eShop. I hope to see then add GameCube games to the eShop. - Dawscr

10 More built-in storage

The Contenders

11 The removal of paid online

Actually, the paid online isn't that bad. It's less than $30 per year. - TheYoshiOverlord

How is this bad? We get good internet in exchange for money. It's what the other leading companies are doing. - shawnmccaul22

12 The comeback of F-Zero
13 The official comeback of Metroid
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