Top Ten Things We Waste Our Time Doing


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1 Watching TV

Hours. But worth it! - Britgirl

Especially if your watching Les Mis - ArpstaAmy333

It's not a waste of time if your watching the walking dead

If it's TEEN TITANS GO - BorisRule

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2 Arguing

It really is a waste of time people get into argument all over something really really stupid and yet neither one is willing to back down and it just goes on and on and on for a ridicules amount of time. - egnomac

Arguing is usually a means of trying to get someone else to change their mind and to prove we are right. This is truly a waste of time.

Spending countless hours of your lives yelling at each other because you have a problem basically wastes even more time.

No it's not. It gives pretty good perspectives if you're fighting in a serious manner.

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3 Using the Internet

This is one I do WAY too much. - beatles

Using the internet isn't a waste of time. You can learn new things. Games actually help develop your brain and if its online you can talk to your friends or find new friends

It's only a waste of time if you should be doing something else instead. For example going to the gym, or having an actually conversation with a loved one.

Well, I'm guilty of this. I don't have anything else to do (other than...uhm...doing homework...), so yeah - FireWasp2004

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4 Queuing

This should be first

5 Travelling
6 Looking at Top Ten Lists's what I'm doing right now: 00:17 hrs on 20 / 9 / 13 so yes, probably wasting way too much time on this.

Like I said before, are you TRYING to get people to leave this website?

I do it almost everyday its really hard to break the habit. - egnomac

I've wasted 5 hours a day doing this.

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7 Playing Video Games

It is NOT a waste of time in the slightest. People enjoy doing it. Its like any other thing you like to keep you entertained. This is just your way, whats the point in reading books? "Its helps your language and so u can learn from it. Learn new words" Welp. Play an online one and talk to new people who knows different words! -sarcasm- and video games do help the mind

I know the type of person. Having something better to do with their time, but they spend hours trying to get through a level, and hours more talking nonsense about it. Live, instead. - PositronWildhawk

So doing something that interests you is apparently "wasting time"? - Randomator

This is such a NOT waste, of time!

8 Going to the Doctor

Well I suppose If a helicopter crashed on top of your car, I should imagine you'd need more than a doctor! I'm talking about waiting mindless hours for a routine check-up, only to be told what you already knew; that you have a cough! Waste of bloody time! - Britgirl

Well...necessary if a helicopter crashed on top of your car; wasting time, is it? Nothing important involved, just your life. - PositronWildhawk

It's not a waste of time. If you have Ebola than you don't wanna stay home

Go into the doctor = Get a poker shot then die.

9 Staying Awake

Yes, as an insomniac I often think that if I can't sleep, I should be doing something to keep me occupied. Problem is that when I do this, I almost drop dead the next day. - PositronWildhawk

Not my fault. - Ananya

I am an insomniac E.e and I want to sleep E.e but I can't E.e and I have school! Gawd

10 Sleeping

That all depends who you're sleeping with, doesn't it? - Barry2013

It's not a waste, it's a need. If you get nine nights in a row without a good sleep, you can die

How? - Randomator

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11 Not Working Toward a Career
12 Clock Watching

I do this a lot especially in school (a place where time somehow moves 10x slower) - FireWasp2004

Damn will that hand move already! - Curti2594

13 Being Alone

I have been alone for 6.5 years now because I haven't had any friends and I am 13!

This sucks big time! You hope to never end up alone! - Curti2594

Me every day - Randomator

14 Daydreaming

I do this so often. And when my mind gets back to reality there are 3 less hours left in my lifetime. - Epekov

Especially during office hours. - Britgirl

Yeah...I hate myself for this. - Ananya

Mainly during school... but it's fun. - Minecraftcrazy530

15 Homework
16 Talking to People Who Don't Care

That means I waste lots of time - AnonymousChick

Welp that means I've wasted lots of time - Randomator

17 Facebooking

A lot of people spend a lot of time on this. I know it's fun but it's wasting time.

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18 Masturbating

Masturbating is a fun thing to do! - 4rs3R4mm3r

19 Thinking About Your Ex

I don't know if it's fun to trash talk about it though.

20 Nothing

I tend to do this a lot! - Curti2594

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