Top 10 Things Wendy O. Koopa Deserves

The Top Ten

1 Her Own Game
2 No Makeup
3 A Hug
4 Hate
5 A Slap Across The Face
6 A Time Out
7 To Burn in Hell
8 To Suffer
9 To Be Replaced
10 To Be Taken Away by a Cruise Ship

The Newcomers

? To Die
? To be ground-pounded by the Mario Bros

The Contenders

11 To Be Locked in a Dark Room
12 No Praise
13 To Be Forgotten by the Year 2021
14 To Be Punished
15 To Be Left Out
16 Sex

You want to have sex with a child? Eww! - Kefka

that's me

17 A Bashing
18 To Go to Hell
19 A Kiss
20 Love
21 A Slice of Cake
22 To Replace Toad
23 To Go to Heaven
24 Expelled from School
25 Hang with Lemmy More
26 To Eat Poop
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