Top 10 Things That Were Better When You Were a Kid


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1 Theme Parks

Actually go on the Blackpool Big One in Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

2 Cartoons

So true. Cartoons were much better when I was a kid of 8-10 years old. - Kiteretsunu

This isn't true, all my favorite shows are from 2001 to 2016.

Cartoons were way better when your a kid especially during its heyday I remember as a kid getting up really early on Saturdays and setting in front of the T.V. , now a days its rare that they show any of those good old cartoon shows. - egnomac

Ah, Pingu. - Lunala

3 Halloween

Halloween is a great holiday for kids you got to dress up go trick r treating, as an adult not so great. - egnomac

4 Birthdays

I turn 18 this December. That means my entire life will change before I know it. It's scary to think that I'm leaving something big behind. - PositronWildhawk

Actually, at my grandfather's birthday it was exactly like a children's birthday. There is no need to worry

As a kid birthdays were the best but as you get older they can get pretty depressing. - egnomac

5 Christmas

Christmas pasts as a kid was always the best. This should be ranked higher.

6 Riding a Bike
7 Not Having to Worry About Getting a Job
8 Video Games
9 Pigging Out

And not have to worry about health issues

10 Board Games

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11 Classmates were more sophisticated and kind
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