Top Ten Things We're Terrified Of


The Top Ten

1 Losing a Loved One

Be it family or someone you are in love with; the thought of losing them... - Britgirl

I would really hate to have one of my family members die - Ajkloth

2 Rejection

The fear of not being good enough is awful. - Britgirl

3 Failure

On a personal scale, I fear this the most. However, I'm a bit more frightened by the thought of another Soviet Union. - PetSounds

What if I overcome my rejection fear, only to be told I'm not g√łod enough? What then? - Britgirl

4 Losing Control

You never know how the Monster inside will Behave - Curti2594

5 Becoming Addicted to Something

That kinda depends what it is. I get addicted to this site easily, and that's good, but I also find certain foods highly addictive, and I should really get a hold of myself before I become fat, which I strongly intend to avoid. - PositronWildhawk

It's so easy to fall prey to this and so hard to overpower it. - Britgirl

6 Heights

Ever since falling from a climbing frame when I was a child I have had an immense fear of falling. - Britgirl

If I fall, I die, or, injure. Death is on number 8 and this should be one of the causes.

7 Being Scared
8 Death

This is not a fear factor for me at the moment but I know a few people who are plauged by this. - Britgirl

9 Having a Serious Accident

The way my father drives, this scares me all of the time. But I might have a heart attack first. - PositronWildhawk

10 Growing Old Alone

Surely no one on Earth wants this? - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 Getting Caught at Something Shameful
12 Living With Your Sibling
13 Clowns
14 Spiders

My brother says he's not scared of spiders but it wouldn't hurt me to get them for him... - Britgirl

15 The Truth
16 Dying a Virgin
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