Things What We Want for the Next Call of Duty

Last years' Infinite warfare was not the game fans wanted because it's not what it used to be. So here's any thing we want for 2017 Call Of Duty

The Top Ten

1 A non-futuristic setting

This year a WWII game will come out! YAY! FINALLY! AFTER 9 YEARS, A WWII Call of Duty GAME WILL COME OUT!

Either WW1 or 2, Vietnam, or either Modern time war - Alxg_mez

2 Something innovative

Maybe original gameplay? The basic foundation for any good game? - Sop

3 No supply drops in multiplayer
4 Balanced multiplayer
5 No jetpack
6 A good story

Let's get this straight infinite warfares story was actually good but it's not epic like the modern warfare trilogy, realistic like world at war, interesting like black ops 1&2 we need a actually good story that it is interesting - Alxg_mez

7 Spec ops

God I miss that mode - Alxg_mez

8 War conflicts
9 Make it interesting
10 Back to the old roots

The Contenders

11 A new engine

Call of Duty has been running in the quake engine for decades now, an engine that was created in 1994. - Jackamalio

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