Top Ten Things What Would Happen If Metal Became More Popular Than Pop Music

You always wondered why Bands like Kataklysm or Aeon are never in the news like Adele or Miley Cyrus?

So this would happen if METAL would be more famous than POP music.

Some things are good-others are bad - and some are good and bad at the same time.

The Top Ten

1 Metal would be as accepted as music genre with talents like in pop
2 New and younger fans would get into metal
3 Companies would do lots of commercials with metal artists
4 Metal could be a special subject in school

YAS! - RiverClanRocks

5 There would not be as many stereotypes
6 New, less talented bands would appear in a short time just for money
7 You would see Slayer shirts in a normal clothing shop
8 People would wear Cannibal Corpse shirts because they're "stylish" even if they don't know the band
9 Metal bands would perform with pop artists
10 Music would actually be good

What a load of noise?
Go and listen to things like sounds of the sea and stuff to chill not things that sound too negative to listen too, if you wanna be a prick that bashes pop.

It's like a dream would come trve haha - CannibalCorpse

The Contenders

11 More metal elitists would exist

That’s not a good thing. - Userguy44

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