Top 10 Things Where the Second Half is Generally Better Than the First


The Top Ten

1 Movies

Maybe a bit of a controversial pick but many of the great movies scenes, plot twists and resolutions occur in the second half. - ParasN2000

Yes definitely - darthvadern

2 TV Show Finales

Usually the most important scenes of final episodes are put towards the end of the of episode. - ParasN2000

Like in Trollhunters for example - darthvadern

3 NBA Matches

As people have said before: NBA matches are so close they could go for only the last 5 minutes and the final score would be the same. - ParasN2000

4 Your Day at Work

Because the 2nd half is closet to home time. - ParasN2000

5 Parties

Sometimes at parties people take some time to loosen up and become comfortable with the crowd. - ParasN2000

6 Your Day at School

Yes - darthvadern

7 WWE Pay Pet View Events

Main events of PPV's are put to last for this reason. - ParasN2000

8 Music Concerts

They are also often more drunk by this time

Yes, because they usually start with the new material and end with the old hits. Not saying that the new material is always worse than the old hits but people usually enjoy more the songs they already know, i.e. the old hits. - Metal_Treasure

9 Your Time at High School

Meaning your whole years at High school. - ParasN2000

10 Novels

I probably haven't read enough recently to know but I assume so they would be more of the time. - ParasN2000

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