Top Ten Things Which Could or Have Already Happened to You on Public Transport

The Top Ten Things Which Could or Have Already Happened to You on Public Transport

1 As the bus moves off, you stumble into the lap of a seated person"Oh! So very sorry, sir...I...I thought it was the emergency lever! "
Oooh, ya hussy, ya!

I have done this. I fell as the bus moved off and my hand gripped a gentleman's crotch. I apologised, red - faced, and he laughed it off. But it was so embarrassing at the time #^.^# - Britgirl

2 You start a conversation with someone who completely ignores you

BG: Put on your specs. You're chatting-up an advertisement.

3 The passenger next to you uses your breasts as a pillow

The heck?! - BorisRule

Ah, what do you do when this happens. You can see their head from the corner of your eye getting closer to your chest while they're nodding off. - Britgirl

Two words, BG...Spiked corset.

4 A passenger nudges you to wake up because you were snoring loudly

Wasn't aware that I DID snore until this... - Britgirl

The noive! Don't these peasants realize when someone's sleep-singing La Traviata?

5 The person behind you sneezes / coughs on your neck

I've lost count of how many times I've had this. - Entranced98

6 That one person you are always trying to avoid, sits next to you for the next 30 minutes

Just fake amnesia, and let them tell you all about yourself.

7 You or someone sitting close to you vomits

Even worse when they don't have a bag or something to dispose it in. - Swellow

Here in the colonies, we call it "hurling," but I think that means something entirely different on your side of the pond.

8 You realise too late you've boarded the wrong bus / train

Has this happened, I have no idea. - BorisRule

Happened in elementary/middle school

Happened to me once with a bus when the timetable got changed. Lots of other people made the exact same mistake, though the driver was kind enough to stop the bus and let everybody on the right one which fortunately arrived at the exact same time. If that isn't the bright side of public transport then I don't know what is! - Entranced98

BG: Did that once. Boxcar full of sheep shoulda been my first clue.

9 You meet your future husband / wife

@Visitor She means "husband slash wife", because it could be different depending on sexuality. - Swellow

Thanks. Never woulda figured it out.

10 You get locked in the toilets during a signal failure

BG: Don't know about you, but can't think of a better place to suffer a "signal failure." :~ )

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11 A Half-Eaten Pot Noodle Almost Spills on Your Shoes
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