Top Ten Things Which Make a Person Attractive to Others

Let's forget the obvious for a moment, shall we? There definitely are more things to a person which makes them alluring. Because let's face it, even if someone has a face like a bucket of smashed crabs, it wouldn't matter to another; they would still find something attractive and would be drawn to rhem if they had a certain something else about them.

The Top Ten Things Which Make a Person Attractive to Others

1 Personality

Depends what kind of personality.

Seriously, would you find someone attractive if they didn't have a personality ((even a bad one is better than none) They have to have quirks, flaws, energy and passion and if someone has none of these things, well... - Britgirl

Without Personality You Can't Say What You Really Feel - Devonchi

True, Personality describes you - Righteous

2 Sense of Humour

God, I HATE comedy so much.

Hyperbole, my dear, I assure you. After all, you don't REALLY believe I'm a living, breathing cave man, do ya? (Do NOT answer that

There is something to sexy about someone who can make a potential date laugh. Especially if they can laugh at themselves. - Britgirl

Haha, V...why doesn't it surprise me that you would vote for this? Was thinking after a heavy date with a curry, just how much of a sense of humour King Henry VIII must have had... - Britgirl

3 Posture

If someone walks tall and appears confident, even if they're not, they're more likely to be noticed if they walked with their head down and their shoulders hunched. - Britgirl

4 Intelligence

1+1=11. I am the smartest person

Testy, testy. If I hadn't been quite familiar what's available, ya think I woulda said anything? Said boring, meant BORING. Not that it's your responsibility to carry the site, and not that there aren't a couple dozen other things I could be doing. And somewhere lost in this is the compliment inherent in the original request (okay, nearly a demand). Just saying'.

Wow, Beege...

Come on, Beege. Gettin' gawdawful boring 'round here. Ya had plenty of time for tea and crumpets or fish and chips or whatever. Now let's get shakin'.

5 Speech

Someone who has clear diction and enunciate words correctly, even if they don't know what they themselves are talking about is alluring. They don't necessarily have to know much about a subject, as long as they can say "forgive me, this really isn't my subject" correctly without sounding lazy or drunk, they have the ears pricked of a potential mate. - Britgirl

6 Profession

It really shouldn't matter whether someone is a shop worker or bin man but the truth is, if you have an interesting occupation, you have made a step nearer to getting a date. - Britgirl

7 Dress Sense

A sloppy dresser...hmm...what else are they sloppy in? Someone who takes pride in the way they dress is far more likely to be asked on a date than someone who wears their pyjamas to do the weekly shop. - Britgirl

8 Eyes

Not to be confused with looks. A person's eyes are the windows to their souls. If their eyes smile when their mouth does, it makes them seem more genuine and sincere. - Britgirl

9 Passion

I'm not speaking of sexual passion; I'm talking about their passion for life, their hobbies, their faith and beliefs. Would you be attracted to someone who was always neutral or indifferent about things all the time. Hardly. They have to have fire in their belly about SOMETHING. - Britgirl

10 Cuteness

I deliberately did not add this item. The concept of this list is to avoid what your eyes and other parts of your body see. Let's all try and go deeper into a person than the shell shall we? - Britgirl

Ok think about it. Personality is first because y'all trying to sound nice and everything but listen- why did you go up to them in the first place to find out what they were like. because you were attracted to their FACE.

The Contenders

11 Fitness

Sluggishness and slothfulness is not attractive! If you disagree, well, you must be that said type. A potential mate needs to be active, the want to get up an do things. It wouldn't matter so much if you were the size of a small tug -boat, if you have that get-up-and-go, you are nearer to that date than the Slothful Mr. Slimline. - Britgirl

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