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1 Win a Grammy

Jackie deserves to win a Grammy if the music industry can see beyond it collective nose and acknowledge greatness.

Gotta happen, hopefully sooner rather than later.

She has already earn't this recognition by any reasonable measure.

Her talent in unsurpassed by none...

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2 Gain more fame

She will, and she's got plenty of time to gain it

She's famous on the Top Tens for sure. A lot of people still have never heard of her, though.

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3 Continue being friendly

Robert Redford chose her for his movie "The Company You Keep" in part because of her personality.

Concert audiences are always taken in by her personality.

I think the best thing that could happen to Jackie is to get rid of this annoying cult that obsesses on her and makes all these lists.

"Annoying cult" LOL! The only difference between Jackie's fans and those of other female singers listed on this site is that Jackie's fans actually support her by VOTING. - BobG

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4 Continue being a natural storyteller

Everyone loves a good story, so everyone loves a good storyteller. - BobG

This is her specialty, and the reason that so many can't stop listening to her. Most singers are really just singing about themselves and can't get out of the way of the song, but Jackie acts as a neutral story teller, gets lost in the song herself, and with her out of the way, we naturally follow.

5 She becomes the most famous singer ever and continues to be the same sweet person she is today

This is probably what Jackie herself wants most. - BobG

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6 Have her music shown on music channels

It is not only her singing voice that stirs the human soul but also the accompanying music to go with it that makes all the difference.

I don't want it mixed in with songs like "Baby" or "Anoconda". Yes, I mean pop channels. We want REAL music channels. - FennikenFan9

7 Perform on Nickelodeon
8 Have a happy life sharing her golden voice with the world

Jackie deserves to be happy - all else follows

She deserves happiness, for all the joy she has brought to others.

She is amazing, I mean, she's phenomenon. I can't get people that say Justin Bieber is better than her. Why would you say something like that?

This is Jackie's Dream. - BobG

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9 Perform on the Disney Channel
10 Win more Grammy awards than Adele

Sorry, this one ain't gonna happen.

Well, one advantage Adele would have is that Adele would qualify in more categories, since she writes and produces as well as sings...

Yes, David Foster, who won his first Grammy in 1980, has won 16 to Adele's 10. The twist here, of course, is that Adele didn't win her first Grammy until 2009. That means Adele in the last seven years has won 10 Grammys to Foster's one in the same time period. I feel pretty confident Adele can win seven more Grammys than Foster over the next 29 years.

Just to update...after the 2017 Grammys Adele now has 15 Grammys (in eight years) to David Foster's 16 (in 37 years). Can we just finally admit that maybe there is a female singer better than Miss Evancho, and that this one has zilcho chance of happening?

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11 Perform on Cartoon Network
12 Sing in more multiple languages

So far she's done French, Italian, Latin and Japanese, along with her native English. - BobG

13 Win an Emmy V 1 Comment
14 Have a Billboard #1 album

She has already broken Michael Jackson's record as the youngest artist in US chart history to have a #2 album and go Platinum.
In fact, she has had TWO albums that hit #2 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, and if you count the Classical Chart, she actually has had two #1's.
All told, she has had three top 10 CD's.

Is up to 5 albums that have hit #1 on the Billboard Classical chart.

I didn't know Billboard had a classical chart.

15 Win Nobel Peace Prize
16 Experiment with more genres

With the songs on her upcoming album "Awakening", she has now done Classical Crossover, pop, ballads, symphonic metal, country, opera, folk, Goth, rock, Japanese traditional, Broadway show tunes, duets, blockbuster movie themes; what's left?

Maybe on her new album due in early 2016, she will show us even more surprises. - BobG

17 Die

Not until she's done all the good things on this list, though. - BobG

In light of the Christina Grimmie tragedy earlier this year you should reconsider leaving this posted.

18 Sing at the White House

I know she sang the national anthem at Trump's inauguration after the rest of the free world turned him down. Apparently she sang for Obama too, so I won't hold that against her too much.

She has accomplished this twice!

19 Win a Tony Award

Probably for playing Christine in "Phantom of the Opera" on Broadway.

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20 Win an Academy Award

Has already played the daughter of multiple Oscar-winner Robert Redford in his movie "The Company You Keep", which also featured a couple of other winners in the cast, so she is learning from the best.

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1. Gain more fame
2. Continue being a natural storyteller
3. Have her music shown on music channels
1. Continue being friendly
2. Win a Grammy
3. She becomes the most famous singer ever and continues to be the same sweet person she is today
1. Gain more fame
2. Perform on Nickelodeon
3. Perform on the Disney Channel



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