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21 Try to sing jazz

She just did this quite successfully with the song "La Vie En Rose" as a guest vocalist on Jumaane Smith's recent CD.

22 Sing pop

Just for fun, she recorded the catchy pop song "Go Time" for the Justice brand of girl's clothes.

She has sung Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" live and also did an unplugged version with Nick Marzock on guitar, in the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel in Pittsburgh. - BobG

23 Get arrested
24 Sing blues

She'll probably try this some day...right now she's having too much fun! - BobG

Having the blues isn't fun. Singing the blues is very fun!

25 Get guillotined

In light of the Christina Grimmie tragedy this year you should reconsider leaving this posted.

Another hater on here I see.

26 Gets more famous than Justin Bieber
27 Ennio Morricone calls her to make an album
28 Sing rock
29 Sing alternative
30 Sing for The Pope
31 Sing onstage with Andrea Bocelli

As of November 2015, she has sung onstage with Bocelli 3 times, including twice in Italy.

32 Record a duet with Placido Domingo

Done it. Twice in fact.

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33 Make Progressive Rock Music

Yes, some classic Prog Rock would work perfectly with her voice. The extended notes in The Moody Blues' hit "Tuesday Afternoon" would be among many perfect choices for her voice.

34 Tops Taylor Swift in the charts
35 Get married
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1. Gain more fame
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1. Gain more fame
2. Perform on Nickelodeon
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