Top 10 Things in Which You Wish You Were More Consistent in Life

Ways you personally would like to be more consistent in your everyday life, whether that be physically or psychologically.

The Top Ten

1 With your self-confidence

I'm pretty muck okay with the rest of the items on here, but I do need to check myself with my self belief and confidence from time to time. I suspect it's the same with many people. You chose well for #1, parasN2000.

I feel ya. Most people do. Important part of everyday life and personal development. Thanks.

As we all pretty much know, self-confidence is something that can be difficult to build and can easily be lost..

Great #1 pick

2 With your memory (short and long term)
3 With self-discipline
4 With motivation

Yes definitely.


5 With your creativity
6 With your compassion
7 With respecting yourself
8 With your overall productivity

I need to get my life back.

9 With your sleep

Would it kill you to stay consistent for once, stupid pineal gland?! Jeez!

Yes. I try to get more sleep and become more consistent with it. Even though I’m a night owl, I want to make sure I sleep enough

10 With prioritising
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