Top Ten Things People Get Discriminated For

Discrimination is a violation of Human Rights, but is still prevalent in society.

The Top Ten Things People Get Discriminated For

1 Race

They are just jealous creeps who think they are funny. **** those racists - jmepa1234

I don't get who would hate people just because of their skin color! - RiverClanRocks

All races are awesome - BorisRule

Which is a social Construct - blackflower

2 Religion

I think that everyone can live wherever and however they want. They should also be aloud to have the Religion in which they belong/want to be. I don't understand how people don't understand that

This could be the negative effect of governments who very strictly impose state religion.

People don't believe I'm Muslim sometimes because I don't obey by all the rules they judge to quick.

It causes Wars. Why cause Wars because of what someone believes? - jmepa1234

3 Sex

I don't plan on having a baby, ever. If people think that makes me useless, screw them.

I've never realized, but so many badasses are male a not female. And if given the option, I'll pick male in games, because I feel like it's moi. - Therandom

Men aren't as discriminated. Lucky me. - Therandom

Guys they don't mean having a baby. It's your assigned gender! - Ilovestephanie

4 Sexuality

I think being gay is mentally retarded but I wouldn't beat up someone.

I know two gay couples and they are like family to me. - AnonymousChick

Not if your hetero like moi. I don't discriminate, just stating facts. - Therandom

That's just how it is

5 Appearance

People who are “more appealing” regarding their looks tend to be treated better the those who aren’t necessarily “good looking”. This is something that society has invented and that we have adjusted too. It’s actually all bull.

6 Mental Disabilities

Don't you like it how people use a disease affecting someone, as a insult towards another person?

Ahh, don't you just love it when people nowadays use autism as an insult?

7 Being Attractive

Fit people shouldn't be allowed out of their house

"your mum" is a good one

your mum

8 Ethnicity

Sorry I'm Stupid. What is this? - jmepa1234

What's stupid about not knowing this word? It's pretty much like a legal term used in court/historical articles. Maybe you've just heard of the word "minority race". That's fine.

Isn't this the same as race? - RiverClanRocks

This is the reason behind all the ethnic cleansings and killings.

I've been called a Nazi Jew for being part Polish, German, and ethnic Jewish (its my moms side) I've also been called white ass, along with people whispering about me being a Catholic. My family reciebed similar discrimonation over the years and had hardships.

9 Social Status

There are still these traditional societies who discriminate poor people!

This is harsh and sad - jmepa1234

10 Fandoms

In some cases, a fandom attraction (MLP, for example) will usually be incorrectly interpreted to be correlated to another personal decision (In this case, Homosexuality).

What's wrong with being a homestuck? QwQ - SamuiNeko

The Newcomers

? Being good at school

The Contenders

11 National Origin

Just because I'm American doesn't mean I'm racist. - RiverClanRocks

Just because you're Asian doesn't mean you're uncivilized.

This isn't fair - jmepa1234

Just because I'm Asian doesn't mean I can do calc

12 Language Barriers

This mostly happens to people who can't speak in English.

This is mean - jmepa1234

I speak 2 languages. my first language sounds like gibberish and I get mocked for it,ale mine to die obchodzi, - that's "but I don't care" in polish-

13 Age

My opinions and knowledge is frequented ignored because I am not yet 18.

People sometimes refuse service to teenagers!

14 Music Taste

You have bad music taste so you are discriminated really

I like k-pop but people say to me "you're weird"
its good to stand up for what you belief in

15 Educational Attainment

Not trying to brag, but my grammar is better than most kids my age. - RiverClanRocks

Others would just take advantage of you because they'd think you're illiterate.

The people that Tease people about that are so goody goody - jmepa1234

I haven't found this. I barely scraped through school but I find my own way through life by other means. No one seems to notice how uneducated I am. Haha. - Britgirl

16 Sexual Orientation

Yup being gay is descriminated

17 Opinion
18 Weight
19 Physical Disabilities

Any disabilities. People with deformed legs get abused as much as those with mental disorders. - PositronWildhawk

No legs, no hands, etc.

They may be incomplete in physical,but they have a completed soul. - SamuiNeko

20 Handedness

Discrimination against left-handed people is mostly neglected because people do not think it's a big deal, but some children experience beatings in school just because of writing with their left hand.


21 Clothes
22 Wealth
23 Tattoos

Only if you choose to get a really stupid one

24 Points of View

People tends to discriminate someone who doesn't have the same opinion like them and called he/she as a strange person.

Liberals in a nutshell.
(not discriminating, but "safe spaces" are taking away my free speech, because free speech isn't always hate speech) - JustAnAccount

25 Gender

I think the "more than two genders" thing is utterly stupid, but I'm not going to hate or discriminate against someone who is some weird gender they invented. I don't care. - JustAnAccount

I should be given any rights any one else is given even if I am male or female.

26 The Way You May Talk
27 Autism

Why um just plain old why

28 Their Past

People get discriminated of your past, if you've been to prison or juvie, and you go somewhere, you get treated differently, as if you're bad. I love the fact how people go down in history remembered more for the mistakes they've made, not the good things they've achieved.

29 Intellect

"I'm not a smart man, but I know what love is." - Forrest Gump - JustAnAccount

30 Hair Color

Who hasn't discriminated against gingers, or dumb blondes...
stop it now.

31 Possessions
32 Size
33 Marital Status
34 The Way You Hold Your Utensils

All throughout school, all I ever heard from teachers was that I wasn't holding my pencil the "normal" way (they even have names for the different ways you can look up). - UndaDaSea

35 Abortion
36 Smile

Every body smiles differently, and some of our smiles are very different. Not trying to be rude, but sometimes even odd. It is true, however some people are discriminated for their way of expressing happiness and the feeling of rejoice. Discriminating a persons appearance I wrong.

37 Popularity

Why do YOU care if someone is popular or not? Not everyone WANTS to be exactly like everyone else. Why do you think we all look different and not the same. There has to be a reason...

38 The Age You Act

People r making fun of this girl named JoJO siwa for "not acting her age" because shes 16, 6 foot, and dresses like an 8 year old.but to be honest she acts better than most teens nowadays. she doesn't do drugs or swear or show off her body.

39 The People They Are Friends With

This goes with the Popularity option. Who cares if you aren't popular, or your friends aren't either? who cares if your friends act "differently" than everyone else? no one should put you down for the people you love!

40 Types of Hobbies

I play basketball and constantly am being called "Gay" and weird out in public

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