Things That Will Make You Lose an Egg Spoon Race While Eating a Hamburger With No Lettuce and Has Mayo-chup In It

The Top Ten

1 Wind
2 Someone yells out "Free tacos!"
3 Someone sings a One Direction song
4 Vinyl Scratch's BASS CANNON
5 You see Superman
6 The bag rips and everyone laughs at the funny sound it makes
7 Your hamburger had a cucumber in the middle and you bit it
8 Car
9 Boredom

Well, I'd be pretty bored by that. - PositronWildhawk

10 Suddenly popcorn rains from the sky

The Contenders

11 You trip over a dinosaur turd
12 Your hamburger tastes awful
13 A bomb drops and you die
14 A can of surströmming hits you in the face
15 The egg is wrong
16 The egg is mean
17 The egg cracks
18 The egg smells bad
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