Top 10 Things that Will Probably Happen in 2018

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1 Everyone Gets Sick of Pokemon Go

Believe me, it will happen

2 The TopTenners Gets More Users

I hope Gen 18 will be good

3 The Harambe Meme Gets Old

It's already starting to fade...

4 New Anime Series are Released

I hope Aniplex of America works on this!

5 How to Train Your Dragon 3 Gets Released

I love that movie! It deserves a third part!

6 One Direction Breaks Up

They're beginning to fall apart...

7 They Cure Cancer

Cancer really needs to be cured

8 Bullying Stops

These people have never heard of Amanda Todds

9 My Little Pony Ends

I love the show but it really should end. Ever since Starlight Glimmer appeared, the show has been going down.

10 World War III

World War III is hypothetical; we're not sure whether it would happen or not (Although there is a possibility).

However, I really hope politicians and world leaders are conscious enough to even think about using nuclear weapons. To use such a weapon wouldn't just kill everything in its vicinity, but also cause considerable pollution to the planet which would take years to cleanse away naturally. Its genuinely terrifying to even give a thought about that. - CrimsonShark

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11 The Powerpuff Girls Get Cancelled

I'll PAY for it to be cancelled

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