Top 10 Things that Trigger Americans Most

We have a bunch of trigger list on this site focusing on particular group of people, I figured I will stick with a list of things that Trigger people in general at this moment 2016-2020 With this list I'm focusing on the USA
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1 Gun Control

There many Mass Shootings and the U.S tops in the list for having most of it in their homeland. From School Shootings to Mass Shootings, it will be the everyday norm for Americans to shoot each other. Presidents and Politicians have derailed against Video Games and Entertainment by claiming that they are the source of violence. Despite the fact, Hollywood and Game Developers are centred in the United States. True Americans will deny Mass Shootings because they want to protect the rights of owning a gun without conditions. Two Mass Shootings occurred with the other one happening in less than 24 hours. Good Job America! A whole new record.

Even in 2019, we're still having mass shootings, and this is why the gun control debate is so relevant in present day America. Criminals and the mentally ill are gonna easily get guns in the hands of them and kill people in schools (Highlands Ranch, UNC Charlotte), shopping centers (El Paso), offices (Aurora), places of worship (Poway), bars (Dayton), wherever, because of how weak our gun laws are, and even if we banned guns, criminals are still gonna keep them. It's such a sad reality that needs to stop.

Guns? Trigger? Sorry, couldn't help it. In all seriousness, this will always be an issue of debate and disagreement because America will seemingly always hang on to its right to bear arms no matter what. If Sandy Hook doesn't change America's minds...I (as an outsider) don't think anything will. Sad.

We can't just give guns to the mentally disabled or evil criminals. This is why so many people die. This is why they took down 8chan. Now we have to deal with an even bigger problem: Censorship. We need to fight censorship, not "fake news".

2 Abortion

I don't see a problem with abortion.
Like, why would I want a young woman to die giving birth to an unwanted child?

You care more about stem cells than a human being.
God gives abortions when there is miscarriages = fact.

Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life bring up the abortion issue will cause a huge debate

So cells on Mars is proof of life, but a fetus in a women's body is not

3 Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, more.

Let's hope he loses the 2020 election, because we knew he was gonna be a terrible president before he got elected, and our predictions were right. He has been very corrupt during his presidency, and especially in 2019. He implemented a few month long bans on people from certain Muslim countries as well as North Korea, he didn't show respect whenever a tragic event such as a mass shooting happened, and made stupid claims such as windmill noises causing cancer. Oh, and he also did some beneficial things to our country too. He wasn't that bad after all since there have been presidents that were even worse than him in my opinion such as George W. Bush, Andrew Johnson, and Richard Nixon., he doesn't trigger me. Anyone who knows me or simply reads my profile knows I supported Donald Trump. On the other hand, germshep24's bias is really annoying...

He triggered me so much I heard the news that he wants to explode america for not choosing him as a precident with a very powerful gernade.

What a couple of hypocrites, they say America treats Trump like a god, when most people on social media get cringe stuff trending, and stupid kpop fancams if someone says all lives matter in response to blacKKK lives matter.

4 Global Warming

This is a real problem we need to stop. Do you really trust one persons judgement over a million people? Really! The ocean is rising and everything is getting hotter. If we don't stop this we're all going to die from it. That's the truth.

If we don't do anything about this right now, cities such as San Francisco and New York are gonna be submerged by 2100.

Edit: The fact that the two cities being submerged by 2100 is only a possibility. We'll just have to wait and see.

It is real and a huge issue, regardless of what some random Republican speaker says. I'd rather trust scientists than politicians.

New York and San Francisco will not be submerged by 2100, what a ridiculous statement.

5 Diversity in Film

It's not that I have a problem with it, it's just that part of the time it's used for stereotypes, and part of the time it's just blatant pandering.

Whether it be stereotypes, not enough of a particular group, or too much of a particular group, there is no pleasing the audience.

6 Transgendered People

Those that are born with the wrong gender identity, back in the day people just kind of ignored them, like homosexuality, but know it is in the forefront much like what happened with women's rights and racial rights. We are right in the middle of a big change in human rights and that always seems to cause controversy

They are just human beings.
Can you see the adams apple of a transgender man? No
Can you see the adams apple of a transgender woman? Yes

Not all of them are bad

7 Taxes

The things that pisses off everyone since the beginning of the first civilization

8 The Media

Hey media, stop spreading lies, stop causing drama, and stop harassing celebrities.
If I was followed around by these people and they were annoying (well they already are), I'd break their cameras, and not pay for it.

It's true. The mainstream media can no longer be trusted. We have National Propaganda Radio, the Propaganda Broadcasting Service, Corruption News Network, Fraud News, and The New York Lies. Listen to independent sources that aren't influenced by large corpos (like Disney or NBC) or the government. My list on alternative news sources may help you find some.

Americans absolutely do not trust anything that is said by the media, it has gotten so bad that Americans just don't trust anything the hear unless it supports what they already believe, it is so bad that things that we know as facts because they have already been proven are now looked at like it needs to be proven, because we just don't trust anything anymore

You don't deserve to be brainwashed by sources such as CNN and Fox News, why not read the New York Times instead?

9 Illegal Immigration
10 Racists

We have a lot of racist people coming out of the woodwork lately whether it be people being proud of being a Nazis or a white Nationalist. These groups of people hate being considered a racist, they think it is racist to call them a racist. It is a weird time

Most of these are worth getting upset over and racism is no exception. Whether it's the Far Right who hate minorities or social justice warriors who hate white people.

Racist people are objectively stupid, cause problems, and if they died I wouldn't care.

People have to imagine themselves in the others shoes. They wouldn't like it

The Contenders
11 Homophobes
12 People Saying Something Was More of a Tragedy Than 9/11
13 Liberals

Given how divisive politics is these days, people usually just throw a tantrum when someone disagrees with them instead of having a calm discussion, or even agreeing to disagree. See also: Conservatives.

14 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
15 Star Wars

Whether it be the fans that only love the original trilogy, those that hate seeing the main character being a female Jedi/SJW propaganda, that they disrespected the original characters, or the people that hate the new movies for being a carbon copy of the original trilogy. The new Star Wars movie will trigger debates when mentioned.

So first things worthy of being upset over and now stuff that very few people are actually triggered by. Shame such a good list idea had to be wasted into making such garbage.

Don't forget the debates over whether Star Wars or Star Trek is better. And by "debates" I mean insult contests. (Source: I've been on the Internet since 1995. I have experience with this. And for the record, I love both franchises.)

16 The LGBT Community

Sure does trigger 50% of people on the Right(Not all Right Wingers just like half of them really).

Not everyone's like you. Except it

The community is toxic

17 Teen Pregnancy

Some teenage girls are quite stupid to be honest since they choose to have sex unprotected, then get pregnant which changes their life for the ugly. Yeah, and blame the school she goes to for not having a sex education class.

Don't think this really triggers people in and of its self, unless you're the parent of the pregnant teen, people get triggered if the teenage decides to abort the fetus otherwise it just kind of makes people sad

Maybe because it's unhealthy and because teens aren't ready to raise a child yet.

18 Disney's Live-Action Remakes

Let us be honest most of them have been average and they are not as good as the originals. The only ones I'd consider decent are The Jungle Book and maybe Aladdin. Even then these movies are nothing more than lazy cash grabs that aren't worth watching.

This is a nice add, these live action movies seem to piss people off and really there is no reason to be pissed about them

They can trigger anyone

19 Climate Change
20 Mexicans
21 Fortnite

Why aren't there more people like me who just think that Fortnite is kind of good? It's either you're obsessed with it and think it's the best game ever or you despise it and think it's the worst game ever.

It triggered the haters so much. Look how many people hate Fortnite on this site. Also, I think it triggers more people than just in the USA.

It just needs to go away

22 Jar Jar Binks Jar Jar Binks is a fictional character from the Star Wars saga created by George Lucas. A major character in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, he also has a smaller role in Episode II: Attack of the Clones, and a one-line cameo in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and the television series more.
23 Medical Bills

Can I just hit whoever decided to make bills in general?

24 Video Games

Only retarded soccer moms are triggered by this.

25 Alex Jones Alexander Emric Jones is an American radio show host and conspiracy theorist. He hosts The Alex Jones Show from Austin, Texas, which airs on the Genesis Communications Network across the United States and online.

Here's one of everyone's least favorite celebrities. Raving about why the conspiracy theories he makes up are true. They are just stupid and could be very offensive at times.

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