Things that Will Trigger School Teachers

Teachers. They teach fellow Students Various Subjects. But, They can be easily Triggered by These things.

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Chewing Gum in Class

Gum is completely banned in my school. Because of this, it's extremely popular - SirSheep

Honestly as long as you throw it away why is it an issue? - Randomator

A Classic way to trigger them.

Swearing Directly at Them

They can even be triggered by G-rated Swearing! (Words like Maniac or Heck) And guess what?
Shows like Madeline, Babar, and even Author Use these words!

I know a Girl in the 7th grade got kicked out for this.

Playing Video Games

Apparently it does.

Turning Homework Late
Needing to Use the Bathroom

Don't ask me how this does. But, it will trigger teachers.

Bathrooms were also banned in my school - SirSheep

Having a Cellphone Out

Teachers find that very disrespectful, which it is, unless you're using it during break I guess. - RogerMcBaloney

Name one time a Teacher hasn't been triggered by this.


That's a given. - RogerMcBaloney

Skipping Class
Going on Different Websites

Go Play on Coolmath if you Don't believe me. I saw a boy who got in Trouble when he got on Coolmath.

You mean Wikipedia. - MrCoolC

@MrCoolC-it includes Wikipedia as well

Different Opinions

Evolution is just a theory. Some teachers get triggered by that saying. (And no, that teacher is not Disney1994)

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That makes sense. - Userguy44

Super Smash Flash 2
Throwing Paper Airplanes Through the Class

I had a teacher who got triggered by this. I don't understand why cause it's fun to throw paper airplanes through the class. I always did that with my friends when I was in 7th or 8th grade. - Userguy44

Getting “smart” with Them/Talking Back

Not only have I “triggered” teachers by being one, I actually got a substitute teacher fired from the school district and another full-time teacher suspended. In the 8th grade (8th and 9th grade were my worst years of “acting out”) I got under a substitute teacher’s skin so bad he grab me by my arm and yanked me outside. He then leaned down (Lol) and got in my face and while clinched fisted, trembling and red in the face told me to meet him somewhere after school TO FIGHT (Lol). He was absolutely serious. He was fired. Then in the 9th grade I blurted something out during history class and my teacher was so angry about it he charged towards me and flipped my desk with me sitting in it. (It was one of those school desks where the chair and desk are connected) He was suspended. - THC13

Junk Food
Fidget Spinners
Eating in Class
Bad Grades
Having Fun
Messy Room
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