Things Women Promise and Are Lying

This list is a joke, do not take it personally ladies, tomorrow will do the list of Things men promise and are lying

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1 Your money does not matter

I like your opinion and argument, but as I said this list was a joke, did not want it to be personal Britgirl - YanRocky

YanRocky, I have to admit, I didn't read your description section. I apologise if I seemed over-sensitive. It's a good list! - Britgirl

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2 I will love your children as if they were mine

Hard to believe that - YanRocky

3 I do not care about your past

Never believe it, women - YanRocky

4 I have not been with any man

Whoever believes this is a bare - YanRocky

5 I do not have aids

In Mexico many men fell by crazy women - YanRocky

6 I have no boyfriend

You eat that story, ask her to go out and groom comes and hits you really hard - YanRocky

7 I am a virgin

That story is old and is very muddy - YanRocky

8 She is not talking to other men on the phone while talking to you

That woman is crappy - YanRocky

9 That the child is yours
10 That she is committed to you

Oh be careful of women - YanRocky

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11 I love you
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1. Your money does not matter
2. I will love your children as if they were mine
3. I do not care about your past



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