Top Ten Best Things That Would Happen to a Day at School

I honestly hate school. I'm good at it, but really, It's a day trip to yawn city.

The Top Ten

1 Crush asks you out

I would sing from the rooftops and then fly off into the sunset

Walls are for crushes asking you out windows are for crushes saying no. - AnonymousChick

If my crush actually liked me. - Userguy44

If only that would happen - zquad1234

Hopefully that happens

2 Snow day

We rarely get snow and when we do my school district rarely cancels. It could be a total blizzard and they would still not cancel - Randomator

I have snow regularly here in the winter, so we don't get snow days - trains45

In the uk snowy day is fun day - wyanut122

This is impossible for me as it never snows in where I live. - Misfire

3 Least favorite teacher quits

My teacher didn't quit he got fired YAY - stupidpride-yt

Yo, my teacher thought I was some special needs student and said that she thinks I am not good at readin' and talking. She also judges people a bit too easily and if someone bullies someone-even though she noticed that- she would do absolutely nothing! Fortunately, she left, and now, I am some good ass person at reading. HA!

LOL when I was little about 8 years-old, my teacher said she was quitting the school, everybody got sad, but I yelled "Hell yeah, finally that moron is gone", but then my teacher said it was just an April-Fools joke, I said very loud "My life is a hell again", I got detention immediately.

My least favourite teacher retired a long time ago

4 Surprise field trip

But what if we didn't prepare anything for it? - Misfire

I’d be so happy - Yoshiandaglover

I wish this would happen for real:

In my high school:
Teacher: we're going to NYC!
Students: YAY!

I hate field trips, so I fake sick! - mistyglow

5 You get to do whatever you want

And the mean teachers have to take boring tests. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Whenever my teacher doesn't come to school, chances are we don't learn anything except one of the teachers came to our class to inform us about our work that we must do, but noneless, it's still fun because I can finish it fast and after I finish, I just spend all the time talking to my friends about the things that we like. - Hoenn4Ever

I would just walk out of the school - Pieclone

I can takeover the school then form my own military, currency, and other stuff. I would then takeover the world but I would rather stop illuminati

I think that is awesome bro I mean yeah do it man I wish you the best of luck

6 Math is cancelled because of an assembly

My old school would just shorten the classes by around 7 minutes when there's an assembly. Eh, it's like a normal day with an assembly. - Kwaysar

Teacher: You still have homework due next class - Randomator

This would the best thing BECAUSE I HATE MATH

Why? Doesn't everyone love math?

7 Quiz/test is cancelled

Our teacher told one of our classmates that quiz was unfortunately cancelled because we will be having the voting of officers. It was unfortunate for him, but fortunate to us. Lmao - Misfire

Day that comes I'll sing hallejuah - AwesomeJawson

This would only be good if I didn't study

Once in college there was a final and it was snowing so the final got cancelled.

8 Spending the whole afternoon watching a movie with the class

I'd love this but when this happens they usually pick cheesy love stories or horror movies. - Misfire

PLOT TWIST: teacher : we are watching the peppa pig movie and your in year 11

Then it's Frozen and you are all in tenth grade. - MaxAurelius

My class picks the worst things to watch though...they think we are 3 years old. I had to sit through pj masks, despicable me 3 and octonaughts(don't judge my spelling, I haven't watched it in years)

9 No more homework for the rest of the year

Homework should be removed, actually. Most of my classmates start going back from school at 5-6 PM, but since there's traffic they arrive home later than that. Let's say they arrive an hour later. They still have to eat n' stuff, but what if they were given 3 homeworks? Because of the lack of time it would be hard to manage it. - Misfire

It is to much stress

Hell yeah! - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

If there was no homework, it be so awesome but the bad thing about this is that the teachers would have to teach more and there would be more school and that is so bad

10 The big 4 thrash metal bands performing at your school

I'm not a fan of thrash metal. - Misfire

That would be AMAZING! - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

The Big 4 Live at My School! I would bring my Ride the Lightning shirt - lilrocketman

Not a fan of thrash, but Queen would be amazing. And I really do like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.


The Contenders

11 The principal decides to give you no more school for the rest of the year

This would be pretty good but on my opinion I'm fine with school as long as there is no homework

...and no summer the next year - Pieclone

That would be bad they won't

This would be epic if it was in August! - funnyuser

This generally happens somewhere around 19th December every year - yatharthb

12 Getting revenge on bullies

And mean teachers, too!

I would kick their asses! - Userguy44

Pfft already happened to me - Amaimon

I'm gonna do it I'm really depressed and angry and I'm a jerk to my little sister. I will punch him in the face as hard as I can and give him black eyes and make his nose bleed I was close to suicide and god told me to defend for my life the bully is very bigger than me andi don't care if I get my butt kick he deserves a few marks on his face I hate him so much

13 Field trip out of state

We are doing that in French class so... - Amaimon

A trip to Vegas would be awesome

I live in Philadelphia and my high school had a field trip to NYC but my parents wouldn't let me go :(

Or out of country. Just not North Korea, please.

14 School is cancelled

Haha, when I was in elementary school and high school, me and my friends always were hoping for this to happen. Yes, my hatred for school was extreme. - Userguy44

I'm just waiting for this. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

That happened to me 2 times BOI I WAS DAM HAPPY

Everyone in my school always hopes for this to happen.

15 Metallica visits and does a concert

Hell yeah! - Userguy44

Heck yea - lilrocketman

*puts in earbuds* - mistyglow

Why does Justin Bieber have to come instead?! Metallica would rule if they'd have a concert!

16 You get to beat up your least favorite teacher in your school

I'd beat up two of my teachers

5 minutes alone starring me and my teacher - lilrocketman

I don't even think either of them can be beaten up... - bighercules

Imagine beating up your principal and how much trouble you'd get in - Navylexi

What if it's the PE teacher - Nateawesomeness

17 Allowed to swear in class

My hyoid would never be the same...

You people wish

It’s already allowed here. - Userguy44

I've heard people say words that my parents would KILL ME for saying! And, the teacher gives no flying waffles what those kids say... Ugh... - kaitlynrad11

18 No more uniforms

My high school has only got PE uniforms. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Oh! I truly want a school without uniform! Freestyles everyday! I'm free from the useless uniforms! Just make me tired of wearing uniforms! Like a police everyday have to wear uniforms! Headache! (sorry to people who wants to be a police) - rico

I don't like uniforms. To make things worse, not only have uniforms but also Dress codes that's...TOO MUCH! And If you didn't obey them, Punishment is what you get. Good thing I never get a punishment for disobeying - MLPFan

I actually want uniforms. I hate having to spend a lot of money on clothes. But then again I like not having uniforms so I can show my style. - LittleLovelies

19 Your favorite singer/band comes and has a concert in the cafeteria, and has a meet and greet after

My class would just complain about all day. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

I wish 1D or 5sos did that. - Ilovestephanie

Can it be singer's/band's? :) So almost everyone in my school listens to country, imagine Falling in Reverse coming to my school... or any band that screams for that matter. Oh well my group of people will enjoy that!

Haha only I will be able to listen and love a concert with Slayer, Mayhem, and Metallica. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

20 Catching someone you hate watching porn on school computers so you can tell the teacher and get them in trouble

I caught this bully watching pole dancing videos HE GOT EXPELLED! Its been 7 years haven't seen him since

OH once at free time at school, I told someone I hate to go to and go to the divas section then I backed up from the computer then he got in trouble and lost the rest of free time. - WWEfanJayden

Yeah but that would be snitching and everyone will hate you and love the bully - B1ueNew

Back in primary school, (Primary 7) this guy keeps saying that someone masterbated bout someone ugly, so and so had sex last night, I just wanna shag someone and so on, I am convinced that guy is a porn addict... - DapperPickle

21 Free time

We have free time at school...they should EXTEND it.

This is pretty normal

Happens at my school all the time

22 Announcements of longer summer vacation

Me: *walks into school on first day*
Principal: Important news. There is no more school for the following time period. Ten seconds from now to beginning of June. - MaxAurelius

23 Force everyone to watch your favourite movie

My mom forced to watch and like Madagascar but I don't like and my mom does

I'd make them watch The Thing, they're gonna complain on how "Fake" It looks. - gloomyapparatus

I would force everyone to watch Disney's Hercules!

Too bad everyone hates my favorite movies other than deadpool - B1ueNew

24 Justin Bieber becomes principal and plays his music all day

No I would be happy if it was Brendon Urie

I would leave the school directly. - Userguy44

I would cry. Everyone would leave the school and wait outside until he left - Amaimon

I would pray to God that somehow some unfortunate thing happens to Justin Bieber

25 Meeting Linkin Park, Kelly Clarkson, and Paramore

Sadly, chester bennington is dead, RIP - B1ueNew

Somebody's got a good taste in music

I would faint actually if I met Chester Bennington and he said 'Hi'. But if I met Rob, Phoenix, or Mike, I'd just shake his hand

26 A gaming club is formed

Count me in! - Entranced98

27 You have to read the Pretty Little Liars series for a huge project

This show is great and I already did this at school too so... - Amaimon

Yup - Amaimon


28 Battle of the bands

First, the battle of Thrash Metal bands, then the battle of Nu Metal bands, then the battle of Death Metal bands, Pirate Metal, Speed Metal, Power Metal, Black Metal, etc. I can't imagine how awesome would it be. If that happens, then my friends would know how it feels like if someone blast music they don't like in their ears over and over again - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Just bring in Green Day, Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold and it will be perfect! - Jetticus12

I’m going to go join Fall Out Boy. - mistyglow

A mix of Metallica Slipknot Slayer and Suicidal Tendancies and you got yourself a good battle

29 Justin Bieber becomes your teacher

Cool..we could throw knifes and water bottles at him

OK who made this list? - Amaimon

WAIT, WHAT?! EW! - MaxAurelius

30 Computer lab all day

It was maybe A... ya I got it, our comp teacher took us there and for practices an all like that, but my system being on the corner, started playing hit man blood money! Lol - Ananya

Unless you're taking a test. That would suck.

31 Exams are cancelled

It happened once when I was in college because it was snowing that day

Should be number 1 - Ananya

32 Electricity goes out

This happened to me twice, once in grade 6 in block 2 or 3, the power went out right before I was going to go on the computer then I couldn't, the power was fixed in lunch, the other time was in grade 10 the power went out close to home time we still worked on our paper work, the power was fixed close to home time - trains45

During all your classes you are unable to nothing but text, with the teacher saying you can text. The following day school being cancelled as well.

That happened to me in elementary school. I remembered screaming and the teacher tried to calm me down. I was scared of the dark and I still am. - Ilovestephanie

I hate when it happens during lunch. Half the school then screams "OH" like they've never been in the dark. It also breaks my ears. But if it happens during science/math, I don't care if my ears fall off.

33 Green Day comes to your school and do a concert

I would love this but it'll probably never happen at my school. - BlueTelegraph

Impossible. - Misfire

Yeah! - Userguy44

No offense but I would rather have Gorillaz come to may school because I might get bored and Gorillaz songs are cool. I don't know other rock than The Beatles. So, I would probably get bored - JaysTop10List

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34 Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber visit and sing

No everyone's eardrums would bleed. - XxembermasterxX

Then... the school will get shut down? - MaxAurelius

For a second I thought I read the list title wrong and it was actually Worst Things That Could Happen At School - Navylexi

They'll torture everyone who keeps on doing that JB joke - Neonco31

35 There's a dance party with a bunch of pretty girls and your favorite band performing live

Pole dancing/strip club party? OH YEAH!

I think Paris Berelc and Fountains of Wayne would be there!

36 PE gets canceled

This would sure suck PE was fun - trains45

Nooo that would suck so bad

How bout PE for every class?

I don't wanna play sport, I just want to play dodgeball!, Is that being active? - DapperPickle

37 It starts raining giant pancakes on your school and your teachers all magically get teleported to a vacation resort so they get to stay there forever

Pretty sure the teachers would like it, especially if their families could go.

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs refrence - Pieclone

Giant pancakes reminds me of cloudy with a chance of meatballs/cwacom - Ilovestephanie

Totally epic I would love that

38 Asking a girl out and she says yes

This is awkward! - Userguy44

No it's not. The first one means that you are asked out, and this means that you ask her and she says yes.

Duh! That's practically the same as #1 on the list!

39 Finding out you got a perfect test

Teacher: you got 100%
Asian kid: YES
(tells parents after school)
Parents: No extra credit?

Happens to me most of the time - tent2

Such a great feeling! - Entranced98

40 Getting paid for going to school

I'd have perfect attendance! - 0w0uwu

$100 per hour!

41 Find real friends that care about you

I do find friends that do care for me but other people do need people to care for them. - Toptenner106

I have found some that really care for who I am. - PizzaGuy

Sounds like a dream that will never come true - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I have a few of them. - Garythesnail

42 Megadeth visits and performs a concert

No! Kash Doll and Desiigner should perform! Megadeth SUCKS!

43 You have to watch the tomorrow people for a huge project
44 Having an early release

My high school had one every friday, now they got rid of it after I graduated - trains45

My high school had early dismissals on the first? Wednesday of each month

My high school had a half day every friday, they got rid of then after I left, but when I was in high school I used to get out of school at 12:09pm and got to spend my afternoon at home, it was nice, and my grade 12 birthday fell on a friday so I got to go home and got to spent my birthday at home in the afternoon and evening it was nice

It is awesome because I have more time to relax! YAY!

45 Nicki Minaj is your substitute teacher

I would lace cyanide in her drink - lilrocketman

Having her as a substitute teacher would make the class a living hell, thanks to having a rubbish pop singer as our teacher and the pupils going crazy.

46 There was a subject called 'Minecraft'

I hate psycho girl - CrypticMemory

I would love it if at school, all you would do is play minecraft all day at school! I LOVE PSYCHO GIRL! COMMENT "I LOVE PSYCHO GIRL" ON THIS IF YOU LOVE HER TOO! if you do not know her than you need to see her on youtube!

Awesome. then I ask can we just play? and he/she says yes and then we all battle and I kill everyone. haha

This is called a grass block, while this is a dirt block!

47 Justin Bieber visits and sings

Oh I would actually DIE if that happened. - coasterjunkie196

Voted to say God no.

Everyone at my school would beat him up (i Wouldn't because I don't want to mess with a popular celebrity no matter how much I hate them, except for jake paul or logan paul...) - B1ueNew

I'd rather be beaten up by bullies than have him come to visit the school! - Gamer231

48 Teacher doesn't show up

In college whenever the teacher doesn't show up and class started 1/2 hr ago we all get to leave (after reporting this to the front desk). YAY!

My class had a substitute teacher last week...she didn’t speak ANY ENGLISH! She kept praying for no reason and yelled at us for no reason... - Amaimon

This has happened in a few of my classes in the past few months. The classroom was a riot.

There would be a substitute

49 They play the Beatles in class

That's happened in like 5th grade along with john lennon imagine


Whoever listens to the Beatles in class is so darn lucky while I am stuck with these crappy modern pop artists. - coasterjunkie196

Never happened. If a song from theirs is played in my class, that would probably be because of me. - Misfire

50 Miley Cyrus becomes your teacher
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