Top Ten Best Things That Would Happen to a Day at School

I honestly hate school. I'm good at it, but really, It's a day trip to yawn city.

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1 Crush asks you out

I'd say to wait and come back when we are 16 and if she comes back I'd say I've always loved you since the day I met you and I just wanted to see if you liked me. Probably will never happen cause the only time I've ever been asked out is by people who lose flip games both gender. I don't

A girl can dream. I'd be so happy! I'd scream "HE ASKED ME OUT" from the rooftops! Ride a magic carpet into the sunset then find a rainbow and grab the pit of gold. Tell my friends and we will squeal together. But I have to keep the relationship on the down low!

This happened to me, so I took her to a very expensive and fancy restaurant then to a movie then sang songs to her during the sunset. I paid for everything using my own money, but it was worth it

If this happened I would fart a unicorn and ride it through the sky ad the unicorn farts rainbows and then my head sprouts wings and flies all the way to Hogwarts!

2 Snow day

We rarely have snowstorms/blizzards here in Poland, only 4-6 a decade and only 2-3 here in the South. But even when 2 feet of snow falls within 24 hours and it's -20C, schools are STILL open. But only half of the people come anyway. The only blizzard I remember so far in Poland is in March 2013. I was so excited (mainly because it was unexpected as it was spring for a couple of weeks) and I stayed home. I was so happy to see 1 foot of snow on the ground in the morning. I am 13 now, anyways. When I lived in the USA (until I was 10) there was also one big blizzard I remembered. In February 2011, oh, how I loved it. One day we were leaving school and it started snowing hard. In the evening, I was looking out the window looking at it snow. The next day, it was snow day and I had so much fun building snow castles with my friends. One of my favorite memories.

Wow, this is a long answer. I'm 13, as I said, so if we have a snow day next winter it doesn't mean I'm completely too old to ...more

Well, if you live in Massachusetts, you know exactly what I'm about to say..
Snow days are pretty fun, especially when you have schoolwork due the next day you haven't finished. It's also awesome because I can catch up on my sleep. But, there's a point where the snow days NEED TO STOP. This year, 5 days of school missed, year extended by 5 days! Sure, it's fun for a day or two, but it drives me nuts knowing I didn't go to school on an actual Monday for the past month! Anyways, yes, snow days can be fun, but I just get irritated when you literally miss 1/2 a month of school because of it snowing!

One time there was this assignment I didn't do and it was due. I hoped it would snow because I can do it, and it seemed like school was closed. School was eventually canceled. I was so happy because I had that one extra day to do it. What a miracle! Lesson learned: DO NOT PROCRASTINATE UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! By the way this was completely lucky, it was winter, the winter with the POLAR VORTEX!

There's hardly any snow days here in Austin,Texas. One time the temperature was around 20ish. The snow was not even above my shoes! But we had a snow day. I guess us Texans can't really drive in the snow. Walking on ice is hard enough but driving on it? Talk about impossible. Even though I love my state I really want to move away when I'm older to a place with snow and fun.

3 Least favorite teacher quits

Yo, my teacher thought I was some special needs student and said that she thinks I am not good at readin' and talking. She also judges people a bit too easily and if someone bullies someone-even though she noticed that- she would do absolutely nothing! Fortunately, she left, and now, I am some good ass person at reading. HA!

LOL when I was little about 8 years-old, my teacher said she was quitting the school, everybody got sad, but I yelled "Hell yeah, finally that moron is gone", but then my teacher said it was just an April-Fools joke, I said very loud "My life is a hell again", I got detention immediately.

I think this should be number 1 because there is a lot of mean teachers out there... They should not be a teacher in the first place

That happened to me before. My friends nearly had a celebration when the Grade 6 teacher left in November.

4 Surprise field trip

And the field trip is to Justin Beiber concert or Uncle Grandpa or Sanjay and Craig marathon. Quit school.

I'd love a surprise field trip as long as it isn't to a concert for country songs/rock songs or something.

I wish this would happen for real:

In my high school:
Teacher: we're going to NYC!
Students: YAY!

What if it's a trip to:museum, field, Justin Beiber concert etc

5 You get to do whatever you want

Whenever my teacher doesn't come to school, chances are we don't learn anything except one of the teachers came to our class to inform us about our work that we must do, but noneless, it's still fun because I can finish it fast and after I finish, I just spend all the time talking to my friends about the things that we like.

I can takeover the school then form my own military, currency, and other stuff. I would then takeover the world but I would rather stop illuminati

I think that is awesome bro I mean yeah do it man I wish you the best of luck

I would take all the school supplies home with me, unblock websites, take food from the cafeteria home with me, and all the mean teachers go to detention!

No, if this was real, there would only be cringe worthy kids doing fortnite dances inccorectly and texting people

6 Math is cancelled because of an assembly

My old school would just shorten the classes by around 7 minutes when there's an assembly. Eh, it's like a normal day with an assembly.

That would depend on the assembly. I'd take math over sitting through ANOTHER lecture about drugs. I know drugs are bad, and I'm not going to do them, so why do I have to sit through this assembly?

I hate math and recess is my least favorite. Subject and math is next. Plus they didn't say what the assembly would be about.
Maybe it would be a fun play.

I really wouldn't care if math was canceled because mainly I just draw pictures of cats during math class (I still get A's in math though).

7 Quiz/test is cancelled

Our teacher told one of our classmates that quiz was unfortunately cancelled because we will be having the voting of officers. It was unfortunate for him, but fortunate to us. Lmao

This happened with a horrible test in Biology once because the teacher was late. Best day of the whole year.

Once in college there was a final and it was snowing so the final got cancelled.

This is actually really common with my math teacher...

8 Spending the whole afternoon watching a movie with the class

I used to do that when I was in elementary when it rained outside, it was fun to watch tons of fun movies like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Up, Cars, etc...

Depends on what movie. If I have to sit through Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer(I'm all for Christmas, but I just don't like the MOVIE). But if it means no science/math, HELL YEAH!

As long as it isn't batman and robin, howard the duck, neverending story 3, foodfight, barney's great adventure, the room, never say never, etc.

My class picks the worst things to watch though...they think we are 3 years old. I had to sit through pj masks, despicable me 3 and octonaughts(don't judge my spelling, I haven't watched it in years)

9 No more homework for the rest of the year

Homework should be removed, actually. Most of my classmates start going back from school at 5-6 PM, but since there's traffic they arrive home later than that. Let's say they arrive an hour later. They still have to eat n' stuff, but what if they were given 3 homeworks? Because of the lack of time it would be hard to manage it.

Come on I like the Beatles but The Beatles compared to no homework for the rest of the year! I think homework would win

Why isn't this at the top!?!?! No more homework?!?
Well, maybe 1 worksheet a week but the rest!?!?
! This would be the best!

Who needs homework? It is a load of bollox thanks to that selfish Italian bastard who invented it; Roberto Nevilis!

10 The big 4 thrash metal bands performing at your school

Umm excuse mew people, I'm a Directioner so watch what you say. One Direction is WAY better than the band on this list. I'll beat the hell out of you haters.

Yes! This would be way better than my crush asking me out! I'm already lonely but who care?! I'd rather be seeing Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax, and Megadeth perform than some stupid pop singer anyways! M/

This would be good, but Nobody would allow it because a lot of songs by The Big Four contain lots of swearing, and I heard Metallica uses the F word in a lot of their songs.

Not a fan of thrash, but Queen would be amazing. And I really do like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

The Contenders

11 Field trip out of state

I went on field trips before but never out of state field trips

That happens all the time with me. I live near the state line

I went to Washington D.C. with my 8th grade class. It was fun

Or out of country. Just not North Korea, please.

12 Getting revenge on bullies

I'm gonna do it I'm really depressed and angry and I'm a jerk to my little sister. I will punch him in the face as hard as I can and give him black eyes and make his nose bleed I was close to suicide and god told me to defend for my life the bully is very bigger than me andi don't care if I get my butt kick he deserves a few marks on his face I hate him so much

I would have them all infested with shingles, tetanus, stage 4 cancer in all possible places and make him live through it and drown there dicks in acid and then make them show it off to the entire world and when I'm done with that I would murder rape and torture all of there loved ones as they watched and make them live to adult hood in prison and then when he's 69 I would very slowly torture and murder them and ensure they have the worst possible torture as they burned in hell and all because the bullied me and turned me into the heartless cruel and ghetto person I am today and I would not be racist towards most black people if it weren't for them B.I. H burn
In hell.

At least yall ain't had death threats or great harmful threats since u were 11, even by adults, or ostracism/sticking ya n your parents. I'm 19 n it still happens.

Rather let us teach them the ways of the Lord but if they refuse let them head to the abyss

13 School is cancelled

Haha, when I was in elementary school and high school, me and my friends always were hoping for this to happen. Yes, my hatred for school was extreme.

In the Philippines, school gets cancelled for at least five days in a row in one school year due to bad weather.

I got a better one
"School's out forever or schools been blown to pieces"
Alice cooper reference

Last year we got out for a whole week because of snow, and where I live we never get that much snow.

14 Metallica visits and does a concert

Get the whole Big Four of Thrash Metal! And I get a best day in my life, while my friends get the worst day in their lives!

Now to teach teenyboppers obsessed over pop what awesomeness is. Better yet, with the Big 4, teach the teenyboppers!

Why does Justin Bieber have to come instead?! Metallica would rule if they'd have a concert!

Not only Metallica. Invite Anthrax, Slayer, and Megadeth to do a big 4 concert together!

15 The principal decides to give you no more school for the rest of the year

This would be pretty good but on my opinion I'm fine with school as long as there is no homework

Why is this good? I can see why it's at the bottom but come on, nothing about studying?

That's already happen to us, someone hack the school system!

That would be like heaven! No school for the rest of the year!

16 You get to beat up your least favorite teacher in your school

A lot of people including me hates this one teacher so if this happened the teacher would have a very bad time.

I think all my teachers are good so I find no reason

I don't even think either of them can be beaten up...

Imagine beating up your principal and how much trouble you'd get in

It will be very difficult, but no that much, IF LEGAL.

17 No more uniforms

Oh! I truly want a school without uniform! Freestyles everyday! I'm free from the useless uniforms! Just make me tired of wearing uniforms! Like a police everyday have to wear uniforms! Headache! (sorry to people who wants to be a police)

I don't like uniforms. To make things worse, not only have uniforms but also Dress codes that's...TOO MUCH! And If you didn't obey them, Punishment is what you get. Good thing I never get a punishment for disobeying

I actually want uniforms. I hate having to spend a lot of money on clothes. But then again I like not having uniforms so I can show my style.

That will be great if you wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning to find your uniform and iron it.

18 Allowed to swear in class

I've heard people say words that my parents would KILL ME for saying! And, the teacher gives no flying waffles what those kids say... Ugh...

I'm allowed to say "Crap". That's about it. Luckily I learned how to say bad words in another language. XP Hope I don't see an Italian teacher!

A girl In my class kept saying things in another language and we then we found she was swearing :/

I do it all the time! Swearing is a normal thing! I wish teachers would take it less seriously.

19 Free time

Free time is nice that be cool to have it

Happens at my school all the time

This is pretty normal

We have free time at school...they should EXTEND it.

20 Force everyone to watch your favourite movie

My mom forced to watch and like Madagascar but I don't like and my mom does

I'd make them watch The Thing, they're gonna complain on how "Fake" It looks.

Too bad everyone hates my favorite movies other than deadpool

I would force everyone to watch Disney's Hercules!

21 Your favorite singer/band comes and has a concert in the cafeteria, and has a meet and greet after

I would want Vitas to visit my school because I am gaining some interest in him and find him hilarious. I even had a dream in which I met him and his daughter, Alla, in person. So if that did happen, then my dream would come true. Also, it would be awesome if he was the music teacher.

Can it be singer's/band's? :) So almost everyone in my school listens to country, imagine Falling in Reverse coming to my school... or any band that screams for that matter. Oh well my group of people will enjoy that!

Also, afterwards, we go to their house and jump in the indoor swimming pool! School is out early!

Haha only I will be able to listen and love a concert with Slayer, Mayhem, and Metallica.

22 Catching someone you hate watching porn on school computers so you can tell the teacher and get them in trouble

Back in primary school, (Primary 7) this guy keeps saying that someone masterbated bout someone ugly, so and so had sex last night, I just wanna shag someone and so on, I am convinced that guy is a porn addict...

OH once at free time at school, I told someone I hate to go to and go to the divas section then I backed up from the computer then he got in trouble and lost the rest of free time.

Yeah but that would be snitching and everyone will hate you and love the bully

If only you were allowed and the pictures would come to life

23 Announcements of longer summer vacation

Me: *walks into school on first day*
Principal: Important news. There is no more school for the following time period. Ten seconds from now to beginning of June.

24 Justin Bieber becomes principal and plays his music all day

If Justin Bieber became the principal of my school, I would transfer to a different school.

I would pray to God that somehow some unfortunate thing happens to Justin Bieber

I would cry. Everyone would leave the school and wait outside until he left

I would throw myself out the window. Or listen to Capital Kings.

25 A gaming club is formed

I'd totally join!

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