Top Ten Best Things That Would Happen to a Day at School

I honestly hate school. I'm good at it, but really, It's a day trip to yawn city.

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1 Crush asks you out

I would sing from the rooftops and then fly off into the sunset

Walls are for crushes asking you out windows are for crushes saying no. - AnonymousChick

I don't really have one but if I did, I go insane! I'D LICK A WALL AND START FLYING OFF AND RIDE A FLIPPING UNICORN! - maddyparrot22

There's this girl I liked since K. Now in 5 grade she's with another guy. I know I might never have the chance. If she did ask me out I'd freeze of happiness

It would be one of the happiest moments in my life

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2 Snow day

We rarely have snowstorms/blizzards here in Poland, only 4-6 a decade and only 2-3 here in the South. But even when 2 feet of snow falls within 24 hours and it's -20C, schools are STILL open. But only half of the people come anyway. The only blizzard I remember so far in Poland is in March 2013. I was so excited (mainly because it was unexpected as it was spring for a couple of weeks) and I stayed home. I was so happy to see 1 foot of snow on the ground in the morning. I am 13 now, anyways. When I lived in the USA (until I was 10) there was also one big blizzard I remembered. In February 2011, oh, how I loved it. One day we were leaving school and it started snowing hard. In the evening I was looking out the window looking at it snow. The next day, snow day and I so much fun building snow castles with my friends. One of my favorite memories.

Wow, this is a long answer. I'm 13, as I said, so if we have a snow day next winter it doesn't mean I'm completely too old to build a snow ...more - PolishGuy

This may sound cheesy but, in grad school there was this one day where it hailed so much it nock out the power in most of the city. So we got sent home and I just remember driving around town with my parents while everything was dark and snowy. It's one of my favourite childhood memories

Well, if you live in Massachusetts, you know exactly what I'm about to say..
Snow days are pretty fun, especially when you have schoolwork due the next day you haven't finished. It's also awesome because I can catch up on my sleep. But, there's a point where the snow days NEED TO STOP. This year, 5 days of school missed, year extended by 5 days! Sure, it's fun for a day or two, but it drives me nuts knowing I didn't go to school on an actual Monday for the past month! Anyways, yes, snow days can be fun, but I just get irritated when you literally miss 1/2 a month of school because of it snowing! - kaitlynrad11

These are good but be warned: too many of these will lead to an EXTENDED school year.

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3 Least favorite teacher quits

LOL when I was little about 8 years-old, my teacher said she was quitting the school, everybody got sad, but I yelled "Hell yeah, finally that moron is gone", but then my teacher said it was just an April-Fools joke, I said very loud "My life is a hell again", I got detention immediately.

That happened to me before. My friends nearly had a celebration when the Grade 6 teacher left in November.

I think this should be number 1 because there is a lot of mean teachers out there... They should not be a teacher in the first place


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4 Surprise field trip

What if it's a trip to:museum, field, Justin Beiber concert etc - DapperPickle

And the field trip is to Justin Beiber concert or Uncle Grandpa or Sanjay and Craig marathon. Quit school.

I'd love a surprise field trip as long as it isn't to a concert for country songs/rock songs or something.

Teacher: Hey class, I have some great news! we're going to Las Vegas!
Students: YYAAAYYY! :D

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5 You get to do whatever you want

I can takeover the school then form my own military, currency, and other stuff. I would then takeover the world but I would rather stop illuminati

I think that is awesome bro I mean yeah do it man I wish you the best of luck

I usually do anything I want and I don't care about the people around me. - OneHellofaCat

The Unity (my organization) will takeover the school with force and guns will pound on forts I will be the ruler in this school

I would
Go home
And steal all the cookies - iliekpiez

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6 Math is cancelled because of an assembly

Why? Doesn't everyone love math?

That would be wonderful, I don't like math that much.

That would depend on the assembly. I'd take math over sitting through ANOTHER lecture about drugs. I know drugs are bad, and I'm not going to do them, so why do I have to sit through this assembly?

Oh yea
I get to miss it all the time - iliekpiez

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7 Quiz/test is cancelled

This would only be good if I didn't study

Happened to me when it was a practice fire alarm

This is actually really common with my math teacher...

Eh - iliekpiez

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8 Spending the whole afternoon watching a movie with the class

I actually will be doing that next Friday. laugh out loud

I used to do that when I was in elementary when it rained outside, it was fun to watch tons of fun movies like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Up, Cars, etc...

My class actually did that once. Little did we know our teachers were going to TEST us on it. :(

What movie - iliekpiez

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9 No more homework for the rest of the year

If there was no homework, it be so awesome but the bad thing about this is that the teachers would have to teach more and there would be more school and that is so bad

That happened to my school after we got our yearbooks in may

This always happens on 31st december - yatharthb

Except on the last day of school because then it would be useless - mathguy37

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10 The principal decides to give you no more school for the rest of the year

This would be pretty good but on my opinion I'm fine with school as long as there is no homework

This would be epic if it was in August! - funnyuser

This generally happens somewhere around 19th December every year - yatharthb

That's already happen to us, someone hack the school system!

Or better no more for the rest of my life - Ihateschool

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11 Getting revenge on bullies

I'm gonna do it I'm really depressed and angry and I'm a jerk to my little sister. I will punch him in the face as hard as I can and give him black eyes and make his nose bleed I was close to suicide and god told me to defend for my life the bully is very bigger than me andi don't care if I get my butt kick he deserves a few marks on his face I hate him so much

That is pretty nice to not kill yourself and I agree. I was bullied and I was really depressed

Rather let us teach them the ways of the Lord but if they refuse let them head to the abyss

I want to skin the bullys alive - Nateawesomeness

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12 School is cancelled

Everyone in my school always hopes for this to happen.

In the Philippines, school gets cancelled for at least five days in a row in one school year due to bad weather.

Last year we got out for a whole week because of snow, and where I live we never get that much snow.

Hell ya! - Neonco31

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13 No more uniforms

Oh! I truly want a school without uniform! Freestyles everyday! I'm free from the useless uniforms! Just make me tired of wearing uniforms! Like a police everyday have to wear uniforms! Headache! (sorry to people who wants to be a police) - rico

I don't like uniforms. To make things worse, not only have uniforms but also Dress codes that's...TOO MUCH! And If you didn't obey them, Punishment is what you get. Good thing I never get a punishment for disobeying - MLPFan

I actually want uniforms. I hate having to spend a lot of money on clothes. But then again I like not having uniforms so I can show my style. - LittleLovelies


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14 You get to beat up your least favorite teacher in your school

I don't even think either of them can be beaten up... - bighercules

Imagine beating up your principal and how much trouble you'd get in - Navylexi

What if it's the PE teacher - Nateawesomeness

A lot of people including me hates this one teacher so if this happened the teacher would have a very bad time.

It will be very difficult, but no that much, IF LEGAL. - Ananya

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15 Catching someone you hate watching porn on school computers so you can tell the teacher and get them in trouble

I caught this bully watching pole dancing videos HE GOT EXPELLED! Its been 7 years haven't seen him since

OH once at free time at school, I told someone I hate to go to and go to the divas section then I backed up from the computer then he got in trouble and lost the rest of free time. - WWEfanJayden

Back in primary school, (Primary 7) this guy keeps saying that someone masterbated bout someone ugly, so and so had sex last night, I just wanna shag someone and so on, I am convinced that guy is a porn addict... - DapperPickle

I don't even have to wear a uniform at my school lol😂

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16 Field trip out of state

Or out of country. Just not North Korea, please.

That happens all the time with me. I live near the state line - jordini

I went on field trips before but never out of state field trips - 170253

A trip to Vegas would be awesome

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17 Announcements of longer summer vacation
18 Metallica visits and does a concert

Why does Justin Bieber have to come instead?! Metallica would rule if they'd have a concert!

Not only Metallica. Invite Anthrax, Slayer, and Megadeth to do a big 4 concert together! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Now to teach teenyboppers obsessed over pop what awesomeness is. Better yet, with the Big 4, teach the teenyboppers!

Get the whole Big Four of Thrash Metal! And I get a best day in my life, while my friends get the worst day in their lives! - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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19 The big 4 thrash metal bands performing at your school

The most epic thing in education history.

Oh I hope this happens to my school! This would beat the hell out of Directioners!

Megadeth, Megadeth. Best band ever.

Best Day EVER! - NikoX

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20 Justin Bieber becomes principal and plays his music all day

I would pray to God that somehow some unfortunate thing happens to Justin Bieber

If Justin Bieber became the principal of my school, I would transfer to a different school.

I would throw myself out the window. Or listen to Capital Kings. - RiverClanRocks

Justin bieber is the best singer ever!

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21 You have to read the Pretty Little Liars series for a huge project


22 Battle of the bands

First, the battle of Thrash Metal bands, then the battle of Nu Metal bands, then the battle of Death Metal bands, Pirate Metal, Speed Metal, Power Metal, Black Metal, etc. I can't imagine how awesome would it be. If that happens, then my friends would know how it feels like if someone blast music they don't like in their ears over and over again - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Just bring in Green Day, Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold and it will be perfect! - Jetticus12

That will be Awesome. Bands like Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Exodus, and etc should battle against each other. - NikoX

Bon Jovi vs Metallica vs Guns n' Roses!

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23 Force everyone to watch your favourite movie

My favorites are School of Rock and Star Wars

High school musical 1 - Ihateschool

My favorite movies are DC Movies and Peter Jackson's movies


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24 Justin Bieber becomes your teacher

Cool..we could throw knifes and water bottles at him

25 Electricity goes out

During all your classes you are unable to nothing but text, with the teacher saying you can text. The following day school being cancelled as well.

I hate when it happens during lunch. Half the school then screams "OH" like they've never been in the dark. It also breaks my ears. But if it happens during science/math, I don't care if my ears fall off.

At my school when the power went out in state tests on computers and everyone's stopped working except for like 4 people and we just had to sit quietly.

Oh yeah! - Neonco31

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26 Allowed to swear in class

I've heard people say words that my parents would KILL ME for saying! And, the teacher gives no flying waffles what those kids say... Ugh... - kaitlynrad11

I do it all the time! Swearing is a normal thing! I wish teachers would take it less seriously.

A girl In my class kept saying things in another language and we then we found she was swearing :/ - Glitterellie

You people wish

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27 Green Day comes to your school and do a concert

No offense but I would rather have Gorillaz come to may school because I might get bored and Gorillaz songs are cool. I don't know other rock than The Beatles. So, I would probably get bored - JaysTop10List

Yes, make this happen, and make Blink-182 come with them, it will be a blast! - AnimeDrawer

It will be wonderful - NikoX

28 Asking a girl out and she says yes

No it's not. The first one means that you are asked out, and this means that you ask her and she says yes.

Duh! That's practically the same as #1 on the list!

29 Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber visit and sing

For a second I thought I read the list title wrong and it was actually Worst Things That Could Happen At School - Navylexi

They'll torture everyone who keeps on doing that JB joke - Neonco31

And they both collaborate with "Beauty and a Beat"!


Holy crap! - Neonco31

30 PE gets canceled

I don't wanna play sport, I just want to play dodgeball!, Is that being active? - DapperPickle

How bout PE for every class?

Oh god I hate PE. Learn nothing, making school seem useless. SEND ME HOME INSTEAD LEL

PE sucks the one sport I like which is basketball we only got to do for a week

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31 Finding out you got a perfect test

Happens to me most of the time - tent2

Such a great feeling! - Entranced98

32 Free time

This is pretty normal

Happens at my school all the time

33 You have to watch the tomorrow people for a huge project
34 Getting paid for going to school
35 Nicki Minaj is your substitute teacher

Having her as a substitute teacher would make the class a living hell, thanks to having a rubbish pop singer as our teacher and the pupils going crazy.

36 Miley Cyrus becomes your teacher

No - Ihateschool

37 Having an early release

It is awesome because I have more time to relax! YAY!

I had one yesterday laugh out loud

That would be awesome - JaysTop10List

I live in SC and whenever there is even the THREAT of snow (20%) and higher then school is automatically cancelled the next day. One day suing Feb2014 we were having like an awards ceremony and all these parents were at the school. T started snowing and 20 minutes later (it was 9 am) we all got sent home. I'm from Poland so I was like "wimpy southerners" because where I go to school it's basically 98% black vs 1.5% white vs 0.4% Hispanic and 0.1% other. I actually looked the stats up online.

Really? I live up north but for us it's 6+ inches or dangerous road conditions in order for school to be canceled. - PianoQueen

38 Teacher doesn't show up

This has happened in a few of my classes in the past few months. The classroom was a riot.

There would be a substitute

39 There was a subject called 'Minecraft'

This is called a grass block, while this is a dirt block!

In the Philippines, you could be a millionaire because of a nationwide Clash of Clans tournament.

Kinda cool but you know Minecraft is addicting and wastes time but clash of clans is more addicting

I think you can get a degree for this - TwilightKitsune

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40 Justin Bieber visits and sings

Voted to say God no.

I'd rather be beaten up by bullies than have him come to visit the school! - Gamer231

Who put this here, that would be awful?!

Who on the heck added this? - Neonco31

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41 100% on a test you thought you'd fail

Happens to me many a times

Happened to me, but it's NEARLY 100%. Feels so good - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

This once happened to me in a test. - tent2

Lol - Neonco31

42 They play the Beatles in class

I'd do it, but I don't wanna get the whole class to protest to me. Also, my teacher once played Sweet Child o' Mine in class! Me and my teacher sang along while others stare in confusion - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

That's never gonna happen at my school,they only play modern crap music



43 Go to an amusement park as a field trip

Happened to me

44 Miley Cyrus visits and sings
45 You are forced to play Kirby

Yeah that would be awesome and mostly if all the time at school you would

I do this when I get a computer an go on game and play Mario Zelda metroid and Kirby

Especially Return To Dreamland, with 4 players. Absolute dream come true! - Garythesnail


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46 Having an ice cream wild party

Should be 10

This is a great idea! Until...
The Most Annoying Teacher:And everyone got a flu😂 - MLPFan

47 It starts raining giant pancakes on your school and your teachers all magically get teleported to a vacation resort so they get to stay there forever

Totally epic I would love that

Is that raining syrup? - DapperPickle

Especially if it's a teacher that you hate. - HappyFlower

That would be epic - Thatgirl

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48 Everyone celebrates the last day by going naked

That's actually a terrible idea. - Thatgirl

That is just disgusting and weird why would you want that

Yes I get to see some abs


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49 April Fools day

Well to be honest I like gym cause I'm a runner but yeah sometimes it's a pain :/

I'm the fastest runner ever

50 Strip club built in the cafeteria

Gross! What a terrible idea.

Plot twist: The lunch ladies are the strippers... - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Fhgoithefiigjhtofovod... WHAT? Why would the school approve of that?


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