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21 Justin Bieber becomes principal and plays his music all day

I would pray to God that somehow some unfortunate thing happens to Justin Bieber

If Justin Bieber became the principal of my school, I would transfer to a different school. - drdevil

I would throw myself out the window. Or listen to Capital Kings. - RiverClanRocks

No - Neonco31

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22 Battle of the bands

First, the battle of Thrash Metal bands, then the battle of Nu Metal bands, then the battle of Death Metal bands, Pirate Metal, Speed Metal, Power Metal, Black Metal, etc. I can't imagine how awesome would it be. If that happens, then my friends would know how it feels like if someone blast music they don't like in their ears over and over again - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Just bring in Green Day, Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold and it will be perfect! - Jetticus12

That will be Awesome. Bands like Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Exodus, and etc should battle against each other. - NikoX

Bon Jovi vs Metallica vs Guns n' Roses!

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23 Force everyone to watch your favourite movie

My favorites are School of Rock and Star Wars

High school musical 1 - Ihateschool

My favorite movies are DC Movies and Peter Jackson's movies


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24 Justin Bieber becomes your teacher

Cool..we could throw knifes and water bottles at him

25 Electricity goes out

During all your classes you are unable to nothing but text, with the teacher saying you can text. The following day school being cancelled as well.

I hate when it happens during lunch. Half the school then screams "OH" like they've never been in the dark. It also breaks my ears. But if it happens during science/math, I don't care if my ears fall off.

At my school when the power went out in state tests on computers and everyone's stopped working except for like 4 people and we just had to sit quietly.

,I love this but we have to read. Hopefully it happens again! - LittleLovelies

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26 Green Day comes to your school and do a concert

No offense but I would rather have Gorillaz come to may school because I might get bored and Gorillaz songs are cool. I don't know other rock than The Beatles. So, I would probably get bored - JaysTop10List

Yes, make this happen, and make Blink-182 come with them, it will be a blast! - AnimeDrawer

It will be wonderful - NikoX

27 Allowed to swear in class

I've heard people say words that my parents would KILL ME for saying! And, the teacher gives no flying waffles what those kids say... Ugh... - kaitlynrad11

I do it all the time! Swearing is a normal thing! I wish teachers would take it less seriously.

A girl In my class kept saying things in another language and we then we found she was swearing :/ - Glitterellie

People say "damn" and "ass" in front of my teacher but if I say it I get expelled

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28 Asking a girl out and she says yes

No it's not. The first one means that you are asked out, and this means that you ask her and she says yes.

Duh! That's practically the same as #1 on the list!

29 Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber visit and sing

For a second I thought I read the list title wrong and it was actually Worst Things That Could Happen At School - Navylexi

They'll torture everyone who keeps on doing that JB joke - Neonco31

And they both collaborate with "Beauty and a Beat"!


Holy crap! - Neonco31

30 PE gets canceled

I don't wanna play sport, I just want to play dodgeball!, Is that being active? - DapperPickle

Oh god I hate PE. Learn nothing, making school seem useless. SEND ME HOME INSTEAD LEL

PE sucks the one sport I like which is basketball we only got to do for a week

How is pe bad, with pe you get exercise - 170253

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31 Finding out you got a perfect test

Happens to me most of the time - tent2

Such a great feeling! - Entranced98

32 Free time

This is pretty normal

Happens at my school all the time

33 You have to watch the tomorrow people for a huge project
34 Getting paid for going to school
35 Nicki Minaj is your substitute teacher

Having her as a substitute teacher would make the class a living hell, thanks to having a rubbish pop singer as our teacher and the pupils going crazy. - drdevil

36 Miley Cyrus becomes your teacher

No - Ihateschool

37 Having an early release

It is awesome because I have more time to relax! YAY!

I had one yesterday laugh out loud

I live in SC and whenever there is even the THREAT of snow (20%) and higher then school is automatically cancelled the next day. One day suing Feb2014 we were having like an awards ceremony and all these parents were at the school. T started snowing and 20 minutes later (it was 9 am) we all got sent home. I'm from Poland so I was like "wimpy southerners" because where I go to school it's basically 98% black vs 1.5% white vs 0.4% Hispanic and 0.1% other. I actually looked the stats up online.

Really? I live up north but for us it's 6+ inches or dangerous road conditions in order for school to be canceled. - PianoQueen

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38 Teacher doesn't show up

This has happened in a few of my classes in the past few months. The classroom was a riot. - drdevil

There would be a substitute

39 There was a subject called 'Minecraft'

This is called a grass block, while this is a dirt block!

In the Philippines, you could be a millionaire because of a nationwide Clash of Clans tournament.

Kinda cool but you know Minecraft is addicting and wastes time but clash of clans is more addicting

I think you can get a degree for this - TwilightKitsune

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40 Justin Bieber visits and sings

I'd rather be beaten up by bullies than have him come to visit the school! - Gamer231

Who put this here, that would be awful?!

This list is the BEST things that would happen on a school day, not worst!

Who on the heck added this? - Neonco31

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