Top Ten Best Things That Would Happen to a Day at School


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81 You Are Forced to Play Super Smash Bros Brawl

Yay I want this to happen!

82 School Gets Closed Forever
83 You have to play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for homework

Say what? This is one of the worst case scenarios! - Entranced98

Lol that would be heaven.

84 Binge watching your favorite shows during a break V 1 Comment
85 The School Announces a Trip to Mars or the Moon

All the bullies and Beliebers get a one way ticket! - Entranced98

86 Suspension

What if everybody in the school was suspended?

87 Your meanest teachers quit their jobs and/or get fired V 2 Comments
88 Your School Is Abandoned
89 Starting School Later Than Normal

If school could just be 1 hour later it would be so much better

90 Planned to Meet Oprah Winfrey But Canceled

Someone doesn't like Oprah.

91 School Explodes V 1 Comment
92 Expelled

And getting no diploma no job and being homeless on the street?!?!

Dude you would get no money no job no education no college to get a job and you might live on the streets

Dude Take This Item Off Because That Means Being Homeless 10,20, Or 30 Years Later

It's awesome staying home and relaxing oh yeah

93 You are forced to play Bubsy 3D

Some Mario Hater Put This on This List

Someone LIKES Bubsy 3D?

What could POSSIBLY go wrong?! Umm, everything? - Garythesnail

This would suck

V 1 Comment
94 Computer Lab all day

It was maybe A... ya I got it, our comp teacher took us there and for practices an all like that, but my system being on the corner, started playing hit man blood money! Lol - Ananya

Unless you're taking a test. That would suck.

95 Get to Go Braless

I'm a 13-year-old boy

I'm a guy though - SirSkeletorThe3rd

96 You're in control of EVERYTHING

I now order the execution of all who wronged me! - SirSkeletorThe3rd


V 2 Comments
97 The bullies don't show up
98 Meeting Linkin Park, Kelly Clarkson, and Paramore

Somebody's got a good taste in music

That would be nice - NikoX

I would faint actually if I met Chester Bennington and he said 'Hi'. But if I met Rob, Phoenix, or Mike, I'd just shake his hand

99 Pranking your enemies and teachers

I WOULD definitely prank my middle school teachers, like maybe two of them.

I've always wanted to do that since middle school.

I have about 20 enemies in school. This would be awesome!

100 Hit a teacher V 1 Comment
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