Top Ten Best Things That Would Happen to a Day at School


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101 Create an invention in science to speed up time and speed it up to dismissal
102 Successfully Skipping
103 Your crush sexually attacks you

This should be on the worst things that can happen

He would get beat up. Take this of the list, now we R getting ridiculous.

What,i haved a crush (now girlfriend) and my crush sexualy atacked mei watched Anchorman 2 and its weird

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104 A hot girl walks into the bathroom while your pants and underwear are down

Oh my god if this ever happened I would never go back to the same school again - tent2

That should be on worst things that could happen in school

Someone must be an idiot - JaysTop10List

105 Your crush walks in on you using the bathroom

I would blush and pull my pants up.

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106 Dangerous explosive gas is found inside school and you need to evacuate.

This happened to me.

107 All the bullies get Ebola

Don't Say That Kind Of Bull And It's Not Funny

I wouldn't laugh at them. I would be shocked and sad for them. - Mumbizz01

I know I shouldn't laugh, but I did! But what if WE get it!? :-(

Adventure Time or Ebola?

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108 All the teachers got high
109 Legal student riot

I don't know why, I've always wanted to tear my school down...

110 You Get a Lap Dance from the Hottest Girl In Class
111 Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Linkin Park visit and have a concert

And whats so great about Linkin Park and The Beatles? Led Zeppelin's ok.

112 Girls get to go nude.

Who put this on here? Some pervert?

Yeah, whoever put this here should go in nude on two conditions - number one, it's minus 20 degrees outside, and number two, the fire alarm goes off and they get hypothermia. - Entranced98

What perv put this here!?

Eww I would never

113 Bruce Lee beats up the meanest teacher
114 Chuck Norris visits

He would burn all the homework in a firepit! After that, we'd have a foodfight around the whole school! Chuck Norris and the students vs. the teachers.

115 Katy Perry visits and sings

Cool! I would like to see katy perry.

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116 You Get to Watch Dragon Ball Z V 1 Comment
117 Getting Food Poisoning and Vomiting Amongst Other People

This is impossible because before vomiting we would already be dead - tent2

118 Watch anime!!

That! Convinced me to comment here. - DapperPickle

I would watch PPGZ and put the best episodes for everyone to laugh out loud.

119 School Ends at 10:48 PM

Reading starts then and I don't really like it

Time to go to the mall early before noon!

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120 You Get to Watch Hetalia During History Class

JUST YES! This would be the best thing to ever happen! If this happened, HISTORY CLASS WOULD GET SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING! We'd be able to think about historical events easier becaue we could just imagine the characters! But the only thing is, Hetalia isn't PERFECTLY accurate on its history, it's rated T.V. -MA, so I don't think ANY school would allow it, it's mainly filled with stereotypes, and it only teaches a very small amount of history, so I don't think it'll ever happen. But really, if this really did happen though, my life would be complete~

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