Top Ten Best Things That Would Happen to a Day at School


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121 School catches fire and burns

And this is a good thing? - cosmo

What if someone gets trapped in there and dies? - Entranced98

122 You Get To Bring Pokemon Cards To School

We got to do that at Elementary School and we got to play them at recess - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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123 Being Able Too Eat Lots of Mexican Food and Fart On Every One at School

That's an bad idea

124 Hang classmates and teachers you don't like in front of the whole school

There's a lot of people at my school I dislike (but not hate). Does that mean I want to publicly hang them all? No. - drdevil

That's a bit extreme... - Entranced98

well... - NikoX

125 Kill all of the bullies

So extreme. Just because they're mean bullies now doesn't mean they can become better people in the future. - Entranced98

Brutal their people too

Wow. Too far - RockStarr

Wow - NikoX

126 Michael Jackson gets revived and visits our school
127 Have 1 hour of recess where you can use your phones and play toys

I'm in middle school and were not even allowed to use our phones at school

128 Blarney the Dinosaur visits and sings the "I Love You" song all day

I love you, You love me! Best song ever!

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129 School becomes year round!

This would be great if I had only my favorite classes every day and no homework. - PianoQueen

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130 JonTron appears as a substitute teacher
131 ProJared appears as a substitute teacher
132 PeanutButterGamer appears as a substitute teacher
133 Miranda Sings visits the school
134 Lil' Wayne becomes Principal
135 Blood on the Dance Floor visits and sings

What. Why BOTDF? Why not Capital Kings? Or Relient K? Or any good artist? - RiverClanRocks

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136 Taylor Swift Becomes Your Teacher
137 Homework gets abolished because of student boycott

I've always imagined students making a strike against teachers just to abolish homework. It bothers me that it never happened to our school.

138 Rhett and Link broadcast at your school auditorium
139 You get to watch Caillou all day
140 Paris Berelc becomes your teacher

She would teach gym class or something because I heard she is a gymnast or something like that. She is so pretty.

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