Top Ten Best Things That Would Happen to a Day at School


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141 Paris Berelc is your science partner

How would this even happen?

142 There's a Dance Party With a Bunch of Pretty Girls and Your Favorite Band Performing Live

I think Paris Berelc and Fountains of Wayne would be there!

143 You Win a Spelling Bee

Happened to me in 3rd grade, 4th grade (went to the top 8 in the county), and today. It's gonna happen tomorrow too. :-) - WonkeyDude98

144 Everyone suddenly has Undertale characters inexplicably photoshopped onto their faces V 1 Comment
145 Guys get to go nude

What the freak,pervert - Nateawesomeness

146 All the bullies get sent to a scared straight

Cool with me - NikoX

147 Jack Black teaches you how to make a band like in School of Rock
148 Megadeth Visits and Performs a Concert

YES! How about ALL metal bands come to school? - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

V 1 Comment
149 Insane Clown Posse visits and sings
150 All The School Subjects get replaced to "Rock and Roll", "M Rated Games", "Breaking Bad", and "Game of Thrones"
151 We Get to Make Fun of Justin Bieber V 1 Comment
152 Drawing Pictures
153 You Get Access to the Admin Account

If I had access to the admin's account, I would give my own account admin privileges, find out secret information (especially regarding me) and change the theme to Aero on all of the computers. - drdevil

154 All of the Girls are Forced to Wear Bikinis All Day
155 The School Upgrades the Computers from Windows 7 to 10
156 Saitama from One Punch Man Comes and Destroys the School with Everyone You Hate Inside

Awesome - NikoX

157 A gaming club is formed

Count me in! - Entranced98

158 All the chavs get locked in the cleaner's cupboard
159 You get to fire your least favorite teachers or other school staff
160 You're allowed to eat in class

In one of my classes it's fine for people to eat snacks in lessons - it's probably because my college recently got this new timetable that's so cluttered some students don't even get time to have any lunch. They didn't even mind us drinking cans of Dr Pepper in there one time! - Entranced98

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