Top Ten Things That Would Look Cool If They Were Blue

I've made a list of things that would look cool if they were red, so why not make a list of things that would look cool if they were blue? Blue is also one of my favorite colors

The Top Ten

1 The Moon

Wouldn't you know it the blue moon is actually orange. Screw you scientists! - KingFab

Just like on The Smurfs! It will look so pretty! - Powerfulgirl10

I like it when it's blue - Martinglez

Oh yes, a blue moon! - Metal_Treasure

2 Sand

With light blue sand. - Metal_Treasure

That really does sound cool. - Powerfulgirl10

Woah, that would be so cool! - Catacorn

Would be so cool! - mood333

3 Leaves

It would be so beautiful. - Catacorn

4 Lightning

I love Metallica's Ride The Lightning blue album cover, and the songs, too. - Metal_Treasure

5 Sunset
6 Magma
7 Tree Trunks
8 Rocks
9 Smoke
10 Cats

Yes I wish that cats would be blue it would be so cool. - Catacorn

The Contenders

11 Money

Five pound notes in the UK.
Well, they're kind of a turquoise-y blue, but still... - Rocko

12 Hair

You can dye it you know

Just like Disney’s Hades!

13 Fire

Fire actually does go blue when you burn Potassium.
It's really cool, actually. - Rocko

14 Steam
15 Fingernails

You can paint your nails. - Powerfulgirl10

16 Water

Um... It's already blue from the sky... - Powerfulgirl10

Water looks blue to me :P - Catacorn

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