Top Ten Things That Would Make Frozen a Better Film


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201 Crossovers With Wind Rises
202 Crossovers With Princess Mononoke

There should be animal gods and animal goddesses in Norway and in other countries too, not just Japan.

San's one of my absolute favorites of all time too.

203 Crossovers With When Marine Was There
204 Crossovers With The Princess And The Goblin

Princess Irene's great great grandmother should meet Elsa too.

205 Elsa is Taken Away from Arendelle to the Wizarding World

If Elsa had been taken away, then it would've worked. It's actually one of my pet peeves with family movies. This idea that you have to love a person because they're family. No you don't! That's a bad lesson! Bad families exist and Anna's just happened to be one.

206 Calmer Anna
207 Crossovers With Elfen Lied

Thank you for putting this one on this list.

Man, I'll never ever even know what's it like if Anna was a real horn headed diclonius herself so far anyway, will I? No I won't. There reasons why Elfen Lied's better than Frozen anyway, aren't they?

Wonder what's it like if Anna herself was a real horn headed diclonius herself so far anyway? Huh?

208 Crossovers With Kingdom Hearts
209 Crossovers With Hey Arnold
210 Crossovers With Spirited Away
211 Crossovers With A Little Princess

Man, Sara Crewe deserve to meet all the princesses and all the other princesses all around the whole entire world, doesn't she?

212 Anna Being Less of an Insult to the Original Heroine of the Original Snow Queen V 2 Comments
213 Crossovers With How the Grinch Stole Christmas
214 Less Sassy Anna
215 More Cool Headed Anna
216 More Cool Headed Elsa
217 Less Silly Anna
218 Less Rambunctious Anna
219 Less Naive Anna
220 Less Handful Anna
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