Top Ten Things That Would Make Frozen a Better Film


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401 Kristoff Being Less of a Jerk
402 Less Weird Kristoff
403 Ingrid Neither Being Gerda's Nor Helga's Sister

Only when it comes to any/other worst changes just having to easily interfere with sisterly friendship/relationship bonds.

Just a reminder for you jerks putting up irrelevant reasons: STOP IT! None of this matters!

Let's face it. Ingrid deserves to be portrayed as an only child anyway.

All because of the writers of the show, Once Upon A Time.

404 Ingrid Not Being Gerda's Nor Helga's Sister

Let's face it. Gerda and Helga deserve to be portrayed as two and only princesses of Aren-delle anyway.

405 Gerda and Helga (Once Upon a Time) Not Being Ingrid's Sisters

It's all because of worst changes that ever happened in canon if you ask me.

406 Ingrid (Once Upon a Time) Not Being Gerda's Nor Helga's Sister

It's all because of unwanted changes in the past.

407 Helga (Once Upon a Time) Married and Having Kids On Her Own

Then that makes them Anna's cousins.

408 Less Villainous Prince Hans
409 Elsa Being Raised by Ingrid (Once Upon a Time)

That idea can't be that bad, can it? Elsa and Ingrid would've been better off being raised in a Norwegian royal ice kingdom in Norway instead of Aren-delle anyway.

410 Ingrid (Once Upon a Time) and Elsa Living and Being Raised In the Wizarding World In Norway

Especially in the more magical kingdom/castle/palace. Mostly a bigger castle/palace/kingdom than Aren-delle.

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411 Anybody Else Was Really Born With Magic Too Besides Only Just Elsa and the Rock Trolls

That would've been fairer than ever anyway if you ask me.

412 Elsa's Real World Story-Booke Counterpart Character

Yeah, it's usually disappointing that Elsa never ever even had a real story-brooke counterpart.

413 Name of Grief Stricken King Who Cursed His Kingdom With a Mirror Which Makes All the People and All the Other People See the Worst In All the Others. V 1 Comment
414 Crossovers With Cinderella
415 Crossovers With Snow White
416 Crossovers With Sleeping Beauty
417 Crossovers With Twelve Dancing Princesses
418 Crossovers With the Wild Swans
419 Anna Not Sleeping In Drool
420 Crossovers With Tale of Despereaux (2008)
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