Top Ten Things That Would Make Frozen a Better Film


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481 More Paranoid Elsa
482 More Docile Anna
483 Prince Hans Being Less of a Jerk
484 Ingrid (Once Upon a Time) Not Being Gerda's Nor Helga's Sister and Gerda and Helga (Once Upon a Time) Not Being Ingrid's Sisters

I have to agree with this one too. Let's face it. Helga and Gerda (Once Upon A Time) deserve to be portrayed as only just two sisters of Aren-delle in the show, Once Upon A Time the same way Ingrid (Once Upon A Time) deserves to be a one and only single child anyway. Elsa would've been better off as a one and only sister-less child anyway too the same way Anna would've been better off as a one and only sister-less child anyway too all because the idea portrayal of Anna and Elsa as sisters was a bad idea so it wasn't a good idea at all.

Man, Ingrid deserves to be portrayed as a pureblood instead of muggle-born and so does Elsa.

485 Less Abused Hans

Hans deserves to have a loving family, not an abusive, neglectful, hateful family.

486 Less Neglected Hans
487 Less Abandoned Hans
488 Less Abandonments
489 More Life Experiences
490 Magical Unicorns
491 Pegasus Horses
492 Anna's Dresses Being Less Horrendous
493 Anna's Strawberry-Blonde Hair Being Less Corny

It would've been more like red haired, right?

494 Crossovers With Merlin
495 No Secrets Nor Secrecy
496 Crossovers With Cats Don't Dance

She'll have her bodyguard, Marshmallow.

It'll be cool if Elsa was the whole entire world's most prominent star ever.

497 Crossovers With Maleficent

Man, it would've been better if Elsa and Maleficent met during their childhood past.

498 Crossovers With Avengers Grimm
499 Crossovers With The Parent Trap
500 Less Difficult Anna
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