Top Ten Things That Would Make Frozen a Better Film


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41 Crossovers with RWBY V 1 Comment
42 Crossovers with Enchanted
43 Crossovers with Hans Christian Anderson's Snow Queen
44 Crossovers with Studio Ghibli films

My Neighbor Olaf? Anna's Special Delivery? I'll only watch it if the characters kill the Frozen cast.

Frozen Away? Oh hell no

Elsa Mononoke?

Lol I want to see how Yubaba and Zeniba handle Anna and Elsa. - yuki-blue

45 Crossovers with Codename Kids Next Door
46 Crossovers with Anime
47 Less Clumsy Anna

Man, I agree with this one so thanks for putting this one on the list. Careless, reckless creators of Frozen.

48 Less Ditzy Anna
49 Less Goofy Anna

Thanks for putting this one on the list. It's all the creators' fault.

V 1 Comment
50 Less Stubborn Anna

I totally agree with this one. I don't like her stubbornness. Elsa never ever even deserves to suffer dealing nor putting up with her pig-headed stubbornness.

51 Less Pig-Headed Anna
52 Less Melodramatic Anna
53 Less Reckless Anna
54 Less Awkward Anna V 1 Comment
55 Less Insensitive Anna

Yeah! None of us ever even like any of her insensitivities nor any of her other insensitivities toward Elsa.

56 Less Idiotic Anna V 1 Comment
57 Less Stupid Anna
58 Less Retarded Anna
59 Anna Being Stuck Living In Elsa's Shadow

Man, idiot creators of Frozen could've at least paid more attention than ever whatever they're really doing.

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60 Parental Favoritism V 1 Comment
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