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101 Less Lonely Anna

Man, she could've at least went outside only just to gain lots of adventures, life experiences, knowledges, skills, friends, even rivals and enemies more than ever only just to prevent her loneliness, isolation and boredom too.

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102 Less Isolated Anna

Man, Anna still would've went outside to gain adventures, experiences, aptitudes, skills, knowledges, friends, even rivals and enemies only just to prevent loneliness, isolation and boredom back then before.

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103 More Ladylike Anna

Yeah, we need more Disney ladylike princesses and even queens too more than ever.

104 More Graceful Anna

Man, seeing her sleeping in drool really makes me want to throw up, puke, barf and vomit.

105 More Proper Anna
106 More Poised Anna
107 More Practical Anna

Man, if you ask me, Anna would've been better off as an only single child anyway too. She especially would've been raised by her maternal aunt, Helga (Once Upon A Time) too besides only just her parents if those idiotic, stupid writers of Once Upon A Time hadn't killed Helga off nor even imprisoned Ingrid (Once Upon A Time) in the magical urn back then before.

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108 More Realistic Anna

Man, Anna never ever even deserves to be naive, stupid creators of Frozen.

109 Japanese Ice Magical People

Man, if you ask me, I would've meet Elsa's Japanese counterpart, Eruza too. I'd especially like to meet Ingrid's (Once Upon A Time) Japanese counterpart, Inguriddo too. The ones who were born with ice magical powers too exactly just like Elsa and Ingrid.

Man, if you ask me, I would've meet Elsa's Japanese counterpart, Eruza.

110 Asian Ice Magical People
111 Crossovers With The Jungle Book

It would've been more interesting if Anna was raised by Norwegian wild animals and wild beasts in the wilderness in Norway ever since she's more of an animal herself.

Or better yet in the royal animal kingdom.

112 Crossovers With The Lion King

Man, Elsa, the jungle girl was one of the most interesting, most likable crossover stories that were ever written so far.

Man, Elsa, The Jungle Girl was one of the most interesting, most likable crossover stories that were ever written so far.

113 Less Hot Headed Anna V 1 Comment
114 Less Perky Anna
115 Less Hyper Anna

It is hard to like hyper princesses, isn't it?

116 Less Insistent Anna
117 More Elegant Anna
118 More Careful Anna

Yeah! Agree with this one too. The idea portrayal of Anna as clumsy was the worst idea ever so far. It's no wonder there are reasons why's it so hard to like her.

119 More Skillful Anna

Maybe if those idiot creators, especially idiot writers of Frozen would let Anna outside to travel around the whole entire world only just to gain adventures, knowledges, skills, aptitudes, experiences, friends, even rivals and enemies.

120 More Intelligent Anna

Careless, reckless creators of Frozen.

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