Top Ten Things That Would Make Frozen a Better Film


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161 The Original Villainous Snow Queen In The Movie

The one who whose name was never ever even Elsa. She would've been portrayed as Elsa's wicked stepmother.

As long as it never ever even Ingrid (Once Upon A Time) either.

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162 Crossovers With My Neighbor Totoro
163 Elsa Being An Anti Heroine V 1 Comment
164 Elsa Being Under The Spotlight More Than Ever

Man, it's not fair. Elsa needs way, far more screen time, lines, scenes and to be a bigger role than ever.

165 Anna Not Being In The Movie

Man, Anna and Elsa would've been better off being in different Disney films/movies anyway.

Elsa deserves focus on her more than ever, doesn't she?

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166 Elsa Being Portrayed As An Only Child

Yeah, she never ever even deserves to have any siblings nor any other siblings to suffer dealing nor putting up with. The ones who had to feel the need to be stubborn, reckless, annoying, obnoxious and especially insufferable.

167 More Mature Anna
168 Anna and Elsa Being Better Off Without Each Other

They're far better off in not only just in different Norwegian royal kingdoms in Norway, not only just in different canon worlds either nor even times but especially better off in different Disney films/movies than in the same Norwegian royal kingdom in Norway, same canon world, same time and especially in the same film/movie anyway.

169 More Likable Female Characters In The Movie
170 More Independent Elsa
171 Stronger Elsa
172 Stronger Anna
173 More Independent Anna
174 More Cooperative Anna
175 Less Talkative Anna
176 Less Insane Anna
177 More Sensitive Anna
178 Tougher Elsa
179 More Bad*** Elsa

Poor Elsa never ever even deserves to be portrayed as a weak damsel in distress at all, does she?

Those directors screwed her up.

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180 More Stuck Up Elsa

Man, what's it like if Elsa was Draco Malfoy's little younger sister and Anna's biggest rival/worst enemy?

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