Top Ten Things That Would Make Gravity Falls Even Better

The Top Ten
Wendy and Dipper Officially Start Dating

It's better than DipperXMabel - AnonymousChick

Bill Cifer Rises to Power

This already happened and it's spelled "Cipher."

he did! - AnonymousChick

Alex Hirsh Makes a Gravity Falls Movie

It would be cool

Someone Dies
Pacifica and Mabel Become Friends
Mabel Finds True Love
We Discover Who Soos's Father Is
We Learn More About the Twins's Parents

Did they know about gravity falls being weird? - AnonymousChick

All of the Theories Proved Correct or Wrong
Pacifica Northwest and Dipper Pines becoming a couple
The Contenders
Dipper and Mabel Stay Forever In Gravity Falls
Robbie becoming a main character

This would literally make the show awful

He's a,ready on the wheel. - AnonymousChick

Dipper finds a girlfriend and Wendy gets jealous

Sounds like Burning Low from Adventure Time

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