Top 10 Things That Would Make Great New Smash Bros. Taunts

The Top Ten Things That Would Make Great New Smash Bros. Taunts

1 "NOW IT'S REYN TIME!" (Reyn - Xenoblade Chronicles)
2 "Go, Weegee!" (Luigi - Super Mario Bros.)
3 "Screw you guys, I'm going home!" (Eric Cartman - South Park)

If Eric Cartman was in Smash Brothers, then maybe he would have the same model like he had from the Nintendo 64 South Park video game.

4 "GET OVER HERE!" (Scorpion - Mortal Kombat)

Yes, this would be the best taunt. - Martinglez

5 "The Triforce parts are resonating!" (Ganondorf - The Legend Of Zelda)
6 "Gee, it sure is BORING around here!" (Link - The Legend Of Zelda)
7 "Bet you thought you'd never hear me speak, didn't ya?"(Gordon Freeman - Half-Life)
8 "Finish the fight!" (Master Chief - Halo)
9 "May I make a suggestion? RUN." (Zero Suit Samus - Metroid)
10 "Now that's what I call a bowel movement!" (Conker - Conker's Bad Fur Day)

The Contenders

11 "MAN, what a bunch of JOKERS!" (Reyn - Xenoblade Chronicles)
12 "Mine is the one TRUE Monado!" (Shulk - Xenoblade Chronicles)
13 "I think a better taunt is why are you so annoyingly cheerful?" (Dark Pit - Kid Icarus Uprising)
14 "I appreciate the fancy moves you used, but I didn't ask for a pro wrestling match!" (Hades - Kid Icarus Uprising)
15 "I AM THE MUSTARD OF YOUR DOOM!" (Fawful - Mario & Luigi)
16 "WHEN WILL YOU LEARN?! THAT YOUR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!?" (SammyClassicSonicFan - Youtube) something really good coming out of Sammy.

17 "Your insults do not cut deep enough!" (Shulk - Xenoblade Chronicles)
18 "I AM THE LIZARD QUEEN!" (Alphys - Undertale)
19 "You're over 9,000!" (Vegeta - Dragon Ball Z)
20 "Ha ha, get Shreked!" (Shrek - Shrek)
21 "Go back to Mother 3 where all the hot springs are!" (Pit - Kid Icarus Uprising)
22 "You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance!" (Ryu - Street Fighter)
23 "Go home and be a family man!" (Guile - Street Fighter)
24 "Are you man enough to fight with me?" (Guile - Street Fighter)
25 "Can't have a rainbow without Reyn, baby!" (Reyn - Xenoblade Chronicles)
26 "I can DEFINITELY do this!" (Shulk - Xenoblade Chronicles)
27 "Now it's Quote time!" (Quote - Cave Story)
28 "Heropon very cool!" (Riki - Xenoblade Chronicles)
29 "It's-a me, MARIO!" (Mario - Super Mario Bros.)
30 "GROOVY!" (Jim - Earthworm Jim)
31 "Well done!" (Jim - Earthworm Jim)
32 "Rooty-toot-tootin' whipped cream in a can, that was awesome!" (Jim - Earthworm Jim)
33 "Get Shulked!" (Shulk - Xenoblade Chronicles)
34 "I'm here to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of gum!" (Duke Nukem - Duke Nukem)
35 "Thank you so much for playing my game!" (Mario - Super Mario Bros.)
36 "The time for living in the shadow of my brother is OVER!" (Luigi - Super Mario Bros.)


37 "You can't see me! My time is NOW!" (John Cena - WWE)

Neh I like the MY NAME IS JOHN CENA one more

38 "Don't go havin' a COW now, pardner!" (Jim - Earthworm Jim)
39 "CRY SOME MORE!" (Heavy - Team Fortress 2)
40 "Four hundred dollars for a Wii U, huh? Money well spent!" (Scout - Team Fortress 2)
41 "Prepare for your EXAMINATION!" (Medic - Team Fortress 2)
42 "You will PAY for your INSOLENCE!" (Shulk - Xenoblade Chronicles)
43 "Yeah, I'm turning up the HEAT!" (Reyn - Xenoblade Chronicles)
44 "Good thing I'm here? No? ANYONE?" (Reyn - Xenoblade Chronicles)
45 "Let's not get careless!" (Shulk - Xenoblade Chronicles)
46 "KISS MY MUSCLES!" (Reyn - Xenoblade Chronicles)
47 "I'll SMASH your future away!" (Reyn - Xenoblade Chronicles)
48 "Spur of the moment, am I right?" (Quote - Cave Story)
49 "The mark of the Polaris is upon you!" (Quote - Cave Story)
50 "Repeat after me: HUZZAH!" (Quote - Cave Story)
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