Top 10 Things That Would Make Harry Potter Better


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1 Cedric Diggory being more important so his death is sad
2 Draco Malfoy dying

The series would be boring.

In the end, yes.

0_0 no - HufflepuffGeekGirl

3 Harry not living with the Dursleys

Harry would not have lives! - Cyclne

Harry growing up in the wizarding world.

4 Goblet of Fire not having a romantic subplot
5 The Dursleys not being abusive

Didn't see this one at first. Totally agree.

Less abusive Dursleys

Less abusive.

6 Harry not having a crush on Cho Chang

This is the best so far in this list - Cyclne

Cyclne yes

7 The Weasley twins not being annoying


The Weasley twins are not anoying they make the Harry Potter series humorous and very interesting.

8 Harry saving more than 2 people in Goblet of Fire
9 No professor Umbridge

Are you kidding. Umbridge is the best teacher, and without her the 5th book would be way more boring.

Forget No professor Umbridge, I want her to die instead of no - LannaLau

10 Harry wanting to win the Triwizard Tournament

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11 Sirius not dying

I know Sirius' death is an important part of the plot but I would be lying if I say I am happy with it

Sirius still alive

If Sirius didn't die I would enjoy it a lot.
Imagine the look on his face when Voldemort says Harry is dead. Imagine his face when he sees Remus dead. Imagine his face after the battle of hogwarts when Voldemort dies.
Just imagine all the things that we could've seen if he was still alive. Sirius is my favourite character, when he died I wanted bellatrix to be dead so badly

12 Harry and Hermione together

I ship this completely. GO HARRY X HERMIONE! - Swiftdawn

what no - MUSHROOM

13 The series having a more generic name, rather than being named after the protagonist

How about Wizarding World? Huh?

14 Hagrid marring Madame Maxime


15 More information about Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw
16 The Troll Mirror (Hans Christian Anderson's Snow Queen)
17 Lily and James raising Harry Potter

But then there would be no plot! - HufflepuffGeekGirl

Less orphaned Harry Potter

Lily and James still alive

18 End of rivalry between Slytherin and the three other houses
19 Character development for the entire Slytherin house
20 Crossovers With Beauty And The Beast

What's it like if Belle (Beauty and The Beast) and Hermione Granger were born and portrayed to be related to each other as identical twin sisters so far anyway? Huh?

21 Harry living with Sirius

Harry being raised by Sirius in case if Lily and James were killed off.

22 Voldemort dying in the first book

But then the series would be boring or have only one book!

23 More Marauders
24 Crossovers with other franchises

Make a crossover with The Lord of the Rings!

25 More Malfoy relatives
26 Magical spells that easily revive and resurrect the dead

I couldn't easily forgive J.K. Rowling for killing interesting characters off at all.

27 More information about the Malfoy family

You can go on Pottermore and type "Malfoy." JK Rowling wrote an entire article on the history of the Malfoys and about Draco's time at Hogwarts. I hope this helped

28 More information about the Granger family
29 Disowned pureblood family members reconciling with each other
30 More information about other wizarding schools
31 Ghost muggles

Like Casper The Friendly Ghost.

32 Even muggles have superpowers

It would've been fairer than ever, right?

33 More information about Flora and Hestia Carrow
34 Lord Voldemort being a pureblood instead of half blood

I agree with that.

35 Severus Snape being a pureblood instead of half blood
36 Dolores Umbridge being a pureblood instead of half blood
37 Marius Black being a pureblood instead of squib
38 More information about Arthur Weasley's two brothers
39 More information about Fabian and Gideon Prewett
40 More information about the Hallow family
41 Salazar Slytherin resurrected from the dead
42 Godric Gryffindor resurrected from the dead
43 Helga Hufflepuff resurrected from the dead
44 Rowena Ravenclaw resurrected from the dead
45 Regulus Black still alive
46 Sirius and Regulus Black make amends with each other
47 Barty Crouch Senior apologizing to Barty Crouch Junior for neglecting him
48 Orion and Walburga Black admit they were wrong to disown Sirius
49 Druella, Cygnus, Bellatrix and Narcissa made amends with Andromeda
50 True love between Rudolph and Bellatrix
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1. Goblet of Fire not having a romantic subplot
2. The Dursleys not being abusive
3. Cedric Diggory being more important so his death is sad
1. Draco Malfoy dying
2. Cedric Diggory being more important so his death is sad
3. Harry not living with the Dursleys
1. Harry not having a crush on Cho Chang
2. Draco Malfoy dying
3. Harry not living with the Dursleys


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