Top 10 Things that Would Make Nickelodeon a Better Channel

These are the things I feel like Nickelodeon should do to become a better channel than it already is. According to, the average number of viewers of Nickelodeon went from roughly 1.2 million in 2011 to 0.9 million in 2012. I feel like if Nickelodeon did most of the actions below (and advertised them), then their ratings would get higher. I am not complaining about Nickelodeon being terrible as much as many other 90's fans, but I do not like most of the new TV shows on TV (Kids' Shows or Adults' shows). I respect your opinion if you disagree, but do not post negative comments ("Kill yourself", "This is the worst list ever", "You suck", etc.). I may deserve it, but it still hurts my feelings. I do, however, apologize if this is a terrible list.

Examples of good morals are telling the truth, being careful what you wish for, not judging others by what they look like, loving yourself for who you are, accompanying others that feel lonely, cheering for others that are feeling lonely, focusing on the interests of others, feeling empathy for others when tragedy happens to them, looking on the positive side, donating your allowance to charity, helping others that need it, etc.

The Top Ten

1 Bringing Back Invader Zim

Just reruns it

At least they making a movie of it with the original actors!

I hate when people go "OH IF THEY BRING BACK the OLD SHOW IT IS GONNA BE GREAT" because that isn't necessarily true. I find it better to end a show before they jump the shark, which is why Invader Zim should NOT be brought back. - DCfnaf

I am personally not a fan of the show, but I would revive Invader Zim if I ran Nickelodeon because so many people loved that show! - anonygirl

2 Making New 2D Animated Cartoons with Good Morals and No Toilet Humor
3 Creating New Tween Sitcoms With Good Morals

It will be in the same style as Nick's past tween/teen Those sitcoms will be like Nickelodeon's past sitcoms (iCarly, Drake and Josh, Victorious, Ned's Declassified, Zoey 101, Big Time Rush, The Amanda Show, Sam and Cat, Clarissa Explains it All, etc.), but with better morals. - anonygirl

4 Airing more Game Shows
5 Changing the Logo Back to the Orange Splat

Bring back your orange slime, Nick! The orange splat logo could form into different shapes (dog bones, cars, clouds, fish, light bulbs, etc.). The new logo cannot shape into anything else. - anonygirl

Not until everything else on this list is done.

I missed this sticker - Neonco31

6 Rebuilding Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando
7 Reviving Wendell and Vinnie

This show was terrible sooo... - DCfnaf

8 Bringing Back Noggin

As well as Moose and Zee. - anonygirl

9 Bringing Back Nick Jr.'s Face

How about never this guy gave me nightmeres

This means that the Nick Playdate Block will change back into a Nick Jr. block. - anonygirl

10 Replacing Worldwide Day of Play with Nationwide Need to Read

It will be like the Worldwide Day of Play, but instead of encouraging kids to play outside, it will encourage kids to do educational activities like reading and math. The Worldwide Day of Play is not a bad idea, but when it is on, the weather is not always going to be nice. It could be extremely stormy, freezing, or sweltering while this is on. Reading and studying, on the other hand, is good no matter what the weather is like outside. - anonygirl

No, It should be “Replacing Worldwide Day of Play with Whole World Wide of Power Rangers

Eww, it sounds awful - DCfnaf

No... - RalphBob

The Contenders

11 Getting rid of Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners

Both shows are just gay perverted kids shows. - Kaboom

Agree with this one! - DCfnaf

Good idea. - anonygirl


12 Reviving Avatar

They already did this, and Nick didn't know how to utilize Legend of Korra.

13 Renew the Loud House until 2020
14 Make a Next Generation of All That
15 Make a Power Rangers Crossover with Nickelodeon shows
16 Replace Worldwide Day of Play to Super Whole World Wide Day of Power Rangers
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