Things That Would Make School Awesome

Like most of you, I'm still in school, and I agree, it sucks. But what would make school, dare I say it, good? Unfortunately, we can only imagine. I still got 5 years to go, and you probably got a few too. So, what do you think will make school awesome?

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1 No Homework

Bringing schoolwork home? Home is where you're supposed to get a break from school and see your family and have fun. Homework gets in the way and is unnecessary. They say its to see what you learned but can't they just see the next day, or on a quiz/test? Anything that involves school should be done at school, NOT AT HOME! The only reason to do anything at home is maybe a big project or something. MAYBE.

Stressful, in order to have a good education, you need to relax more, or you'll get no where in life what so ever..

no home work would be AWESOME! its really stressful and even worse when they give you it on weekends

Feel like it could actually help because u can go to bed early and be fresh in morning

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2 Less Days a Week

I say 2 days is the key. At least you have more time to complete homework or projects.

At least 4 because if you go less days the more time you spend at school to keep up the the work

Of course! I'm sure you would learn as much in 3 days as you would in five days a week, because you just learn the same thing over and over again, plus it gives you more time to finish homework!

I'm thinking we switch the number of weekends with the number of school days ~Mistyrain

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3 No Bullies

Focus on this, the other ideas just make the new generation go soft.

I know some people that have been bullied, and a lot of them. I'm sick and tired of it!

Bullies are worse than homework. You never know! What if your homework is something awesome like listening to rap or eating pizza? - 51im_Ro55_2002

Oh god I get bullied a lot
At school

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4 If Your Favorite Fictional Character Was Your Teacher

Cilan? My teacher? Shut up and take my money! - RiverClanRocks

Scooby Doo as my teacher would be awesome because he gets to teach us how to be a better detective as well as getting chased by different ghosts and monsters would be way past cool!

I would love if Firestar or Bluestar from Warriors were my teachers. Yes, I know they are cats, but I think they would be able to teach me a lot of useful stuff about life.

Spongebob would be the best teacher! - Datguyisweird666

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5 More Field Trips

Field trips make the school year interesting. It gives students an opportunity to learn things outside of the school premises (but still within the school's control). Also, it encourages the students to have some sort of adventure.

I haven't gone on a field trip in... How long has it been... Uh... I don't know, 3 maybe 5 years. My school banned them because they want us to sit around and take standardized tests all day every day.

Come on. People say field trips are bad, but my field trips, I don't have homework, or any thought required. I just hangout with class.

We never have them and they are always to boring places like the science center or the park... why can't we go to the hale farm or columbus again? - Lucretia

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6 Start School Later

In my country, schools normally start at 7 AM. I have to wake up at half past six, and it tires me a lot, then we all get sleepy and air-headed in class and find it difficult to focus or think anything. Forcing students to wake up that early is extremely counterproductive, actually. - Goku02

Hounestly, there's a high school somewhere in America that starts school at 10 AM, and they're stastically doing very well. - sockythesock

My school used to do that on a wednesday, but then head took that away and now we have to start school the same time every week D:

7:45 is to early for we, I prefer 3:30. I would rather stay later and start earlier. - Lucretia

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7 No P.E.

I actually like gym. - PianoQueen

YES! I hate gym so much!

Actually I kinda like PE

I liked gym it was fun - flaggy0666

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8 Less Tests

Nobody likes tests, and you often don't have much time to study. More time between tests is less stressful, gives you more time to learn, and more time to study. - booklover1

Why do they have to have so many tests! Well, semester exams and final exams, I'm fine with them. But normal tests are just...No! - MLPFan

I was in math class, doing ratios. We had been doing ratios for about forever, and out of the blue, my math teacher says, "Time for a test.'' Like, what!?! We aren't even prepared because you wasted your time teaching us something we already know!

Better then essays at least. Multiple choice ones are not so bad. - Lucretia

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9 Longer Holidays

Summer break should be four months. Christmas break should be a month. Thanksgiving break should be two weeks. Spring break should be a month and two weeks - toptenzen

Four months of summer vacation?! I can't imagine how depressed I would get from lack of productivity and stimulation! I'd say, get rid of summer vacation entirely, and give me a week and a half off of school each month. The needed amount of break each time school gets a bit old. That's about 132 days off of school a year. Throw in a week and a half extra for Christmas, summer, spring, and Thanksgiving break, which is 132+44=176 365-176=189 days of school a year. Which is about how much we have now. But come on, eleven days off a month! Spreading it out like that would be much preferred to me, because summer vacations always get me bored one month in. This is a much more realistic fix, rather than just cutting out school entirely. - keycha1n

Summer, Christmas break, Spring Break, everything should be longer. - booklover1

My school thinks 16 days of winter break (including weekends) is plenty of time...

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10 Longer Breaks

I think recess should be an hour and a half and lunch should take longr for those who are slow eaters like me it takes me a while to finish eating so yeah I want a longer lunch and recess we work hard enough so we deserve a break and not just a small one!

Recess and Lunch doesn't feel as long as it really is. - booklover1


You don't even have to go to school for more than 7 hours, and you get a lunch and if you're young a recess (and if you're older, a free period). The school year is less than all the vacation you get. Stop complaining. - ProPanda

And you have to come home from that 7 hours and do more hours of homework... - LarrytheFairy

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11 Better Food

The food in school, for the most part, sucks. If they always had good food, you'd look forward to school more. - booklover1

The reason school food is disgusting is because the school hires cheap-ass chefs that don't know what they're doing, therefore produce crappy food.

Our hamburgers tasted like crap. And I HATED Taco Tuesday. Seriously, what is WRONG with people who don't even know how to do tacos? I wished they hired a Mexican who knew how to cook. - RainbowArtist191

I want stuff like Regina pizza, one time they were gonna serve "green eggs and ham - Datguyisweird666

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12 Being Allowed to Listen to an iPod All the Time

Yeah definitely! I hope this goes in the top ten soon, this could be in the top 3 but it'll be a stretch the way this is going that would make school very fun

They would think it's a distraction, but it really helps keep the brain going. I would love it if school allows it. - NuMetalManiak

I learn MUCH better with music but my school does allow ipods/smartphones/mp3 players so that would be awesome!

This is not related but I just purposely search things that can help the brain at achoo

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13 Less Hours a Day

6 hours a day is to extreme. 3 would be WAY better. - booklover1

Yeah! Lets have a strike against school hours! Less mean teachers, more stamps, less negative comments and more positive comments! LESS HOURS A BLOODY DAY!

My school day is 7 hours a day, that's too much for my short attention span to handle

4 please. - Lucretia

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14 More Entertaining Classes

No boring classes. In Australia in Melbourne at Princess hill primary school, my teacher almost only read books and let us have free time, we hardly hard to work at all. We had a Pajama day where everyone had to come in their pajama and it was just amazing, and very easy. - CALLOFDUTY,BITCH

Best teacher ever: my teacher I used to have gave us candy for solving questions that Were as easy as pie, she's really fun, she tells us stories what happened to her once, and more. Her class was like, the room of fun and awesome

Games, Videos, and more guest speakers is pretty good, anything to get out of those boring classes. - booklover1

Yeah! They should teach us how to play video games. In school, my favorite things about it are playing computer games, playing sports in PE, and recess. - AnimeDrawer

Maths - No thanks
English - Eh
DAT - No
Music - Hell NO
Art - Nope
Cooking - YES - BraixenBreak

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15 Sex With Teachers

Why would we want to have sex with teachers, that's disgusting! - RickyReeves

Oh wow, man

Wait a second man Whaddaya think the teacher's gonna look like this year? (my butt, man)

Oh yeah T-T-Teacher stop that screaming, teacher don't you see?

Don't want to be no uptown fool

Maybe I should go to hell, but I'm doing' well,

Teacher needs to see me after school

I think of all the education that I missed

But then my homework was never quite like this

Ow got it bad, got it bad, got it bad,

I'm hot for teacher

I got it bad, so bad,

I'm hot for teacher

Hey, I heard you missed us, we're back

I brought my pencil

Gimme something to write on, man

Uh uh, I heard about your lessons, but lessons are so cold

I know about this school

Little girl from Cherry Lane, how did you get so bold?

How did you know that golden rule?

I think of all the education that I missed

But then my homework was never quite like this

Ow got it bad, got it ...more - Skullkid755

This is disgusting. Who would want to have sex with a teacher? - RiverClanRocks

That Disgusting, How can a Student can have sex with Teachers, that impossible!

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16 More P.E Classes

I put this low because not everyone likes P. E, but to those who do, more P. E classes would be AWESOME. - booklover1

PE is my favourite ever subject. I love all sports so much! More PE would be awesome (and swimming more often not just one term! )

My p.e teacher is awesome! She does everything awesomely and lets my girlfriend and I hold hands and kiss and we do tons of awesome stuff like basketball tournaments everyday!

Exercise is imposrtant and really fun

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17 No Racism Allowed

People saying n at school? How would this happen?

Why would they allow racism at school?

In the US, I'm sure the only place it IS allowed is Mississippi. - doodie


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18 Shorter School Year

Woo more time to see my crush in hot clothes...

Oh yes. Where I live I usually start school in late July. That's way too early. Most students would not be thinking of school at that time. I wish I started school in August or early September like all the other school districts in the United States do. - anonygirl

Shorter Year, Longer Vacation - DK

Oh yeah me krabs

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19 Comedian Teachers

This would be awesome, so they can make us laugh.

Adam Sandler would be awesome to have in class

I had a teacher who told scary stories before - PeeledBanana

It would be awesome if Ryan Higa, Joe Santago, Lily Singh, Ian Hecox, and Anthony Padilla were my teachers - Ihateschool

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20 No Creepy Perverts

This one girl always asks if I need to pee - Ihateschool

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