Things That Would Make School Awesome

Like most of you, I'm still in school, and I agree, it sucks. But what would make school, dare I say it, good? Unfortunately, we can only imagine. I still got 5 years to go, and you probably got a few too. So, what do you think will make school awesome?

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1 No Homework

Just imagine having a rough school day to just come home to a 12 inch tall stack of worksheets and textbooks. Well you probably don't need to imagine because I'm pretty sure 99.999 percent of you have had this happen to you before. Schools say you need a good nights sleep, but who can do that when they have to complete a forest's worth of flattened trees stamped with printer vomit using graphite on a stick. I bet if one day, homework was banned for some reason, we could save thousands of trees. Also, millions of students would have the eight hours of sleep they deserve.

All of this list (at least the top ten) is quantity rather than quality. Less this, less that. Why aren't you talking about how teaching methods should change?

Bringing schoolwork home? Home is where you're supposed to get a break from school and see your family and have fun. Homework gets in the way and is unnecessary. They say its to see what you learned but can't they just see the next day, or on a quiz/test? Anything that involves school should be done at school, NOT AT HOME! The only reason to do anything at home is maybe a big project or something. MAYBE.

If school is an actual place for learning and writing... why would teachers be sooo lazy and let us answer at home?

if only teachers could imagine this: if one of their students need to walk a long, long way home and once they reach there, his/her energy only fits for eating dinner. and then after being so tired? parents say,"kiddo! do your homework before you sleep no matter what! " this thing stresses the kid and then when the kid goes to school and guess what he/she gets? LOW GRADES!

this thing tortures the kid and not just 1 kid, but all the kids in the world! projects are the only nessecary things we must do at home! kids can understand more if they don't have that much stress to go through.

2 Less Days a Week

4 days, it gives you a day off for relief and stress clear, to hang out with your pet or spend some quality time with your family, if you work hard during school. You could even take some homework for that day with you. There would be more sports games played on that day, so you could get a chance to do it on that day if it's not too hot. I think a day off would be perfect.

Of course! I'm sure you would learn as much in 3 days as you would in five days a week, because you just learn the same thing over and over again, plus it gives you more time to finish homework!

Either less days a week, or having the day start later. If we had less days, 3 would be good. If we were getting less hours, 10 am would be a good time to start. More time to get ready and wake up.

Only time I had less days of school in a week was in preschool. When I lived in Minnesota back in first grade, Monday was a part of our weekend.

3 If Your Favorite Fictional Character Was Your Teacher

More like if my favorite youtuber was my teacher, I have had like three dreams about this and they were all awesome but mostly awkward

Think about it. If a character like Mario or Sonic was your teacher, and Bowser or Eggman are doing another evil scheme, they could do 2 things.

1. Leave to fight them and we get recuss all day
2. Bring us with them on a AWESOME adventure

Scooby Doo as my teacher would be awesome because he gets to teach us how to be a better detective as well as getting chased by different ghosts and monsters would be way past cool!

I would love if Firestar or Bluestar from Warriors were my teachers. Yes, I know they are cats, but I think they would be able to teach me a lot of useful stuff about life.

4 No Bullies

Bullies are worse than homework. You never know! What if your homework is something awesome like listening to rap or eating pizza?

Bullies can easily just waste recess period.You have to makesure you are a ways away from them, and if all the bullies would not be accepted to any school, just be homeschooled, it'd make the world a better place.

They should all be expelled, it would make decent peoples lives a hell of a lot better.

I know some people that have been bullied, and a lot of them. I'm sick and tired of it!

5 More Field Trips

Kids spend SO much time studying and working super hard. They should get a reward to get out be able to see something without realizing they're learning too. In class, they usually get tired of all the working, and soon their hand is tired, their eyelids are heavy, and they're struggling a lot.
Field trips could definitely help with that, I think. They could explore new things while learning at the same time and expressing themselves with what they want to learn and their style. Then the teacher and everyone will know, and it'll be easier for them all.

Yeah! Every day man! And not just dumb, boring ones where everyone in the back of the bus say, " Oh my god, how many more minutes till we get to this place. " Like um... Sea World, Universal, Velocity, Rebounderz, Disney World, Atlantis, Magic Kingdom, camping in Gourd Island, etc
All I did on my last field trip was catch some Z's. But field trips are really educational and most provide hands on structures like Kennedy Space Center.

Exactly. Kids spend to much time trapped in hell (school). It's unhealthy and hurts you're mind. Children need more time outdoors and more fresh air. They always spend time memorizing and stressing, and that's not how you learn. You need to let kids have fun and and let their creativity show, you can't make them hide their thoughts and creativeness.

Field trips make the school year interesting. It gives students an opportunity to learn things outside of the school premises (but still within the school's control). Also, it encourages the students to have some sort of adventure.

6 No P.E.

Oh my... how great it would be! My P.E classes are mostly team sports and I hate them so much! I suck at every team sport, I'm always picked last and the main thing that is always making me nervous at school is how my teammates will rage at me for being bad at sports today. And I'm still more physically active outside of school! And then I can have fun at least...

For kids that go home, go on their electronics, and eat chips and junk? Maybe this shouldn't apply to them. P.E. stands for Physical Education... it gives exercise because it's important to stay healthy and fit. Maybe they do sports outside of school, some kids. They probably do, but not all of them. Plus, even for them it's extra and that's good if they don't overdo themselves. I disagree.

Yeah, but only for the kids who get exercise outside of school. If there are kids who go home and watch T.V. while eating twinkies on the couch, they should have to do PE to get exercise. If kids do a sport (at least 2 times a week), they shouldn't have to do PE.

I like PE. However they should only have games like dodgeball and no boring stuffs like running laps around the gym

7 Start School Later

Less sleepy students means more work being done. They'll be more rested and ready to work with concentration. Most likely their eyelids won't be daring to droop down and close, so they'll be ready for the day! My old school hours were 8:30 to 2:50 and now they're 7:30 to 2:00 lol

In my country, schools normally start at 7 AM. I have to wake up at half past six, and it tires me a lot, then we all get sleepy and air-headed in class and find it difficult to focus or think anything. Forcing students to wake up that early is extremely counterproductive, actually.

School is opened at 8:50 for me

But many kids are still a bit tired and unready so it's better if we started a bit later like 11:05-12:20 and have sleepover nights on a certain day or two! (We had sleepover nights in kindergarten <3 got my pajama, lunch and own bed at kindergarten I will miss going there ;-

I normally wake up at, like, 7am or something and then I am forced to get up early and do my daily crap before going to school.

8 Better Food

The food in my secondary school is terrible because they lack variety and they don’t have a lot of vegetarian food. The queues are long and I don’t want to wait half an hour for a greasy pizza.

Our hamburgers tasted like crap. And I HATED Taco Tuesday. Seriously, what is WRONG with people who don't even know how to do tacos? I wished they hired a Mexican who knew how to cook.

The reason school food is disgusting is because the school hires cheap-ass chefs that don't know what they're doing, therefore produce crappy food.

I always check my food to make sure they aren't feeding us poison.Plus, when we have cheeseburgers, they put the slice of cheese on the bread, making the bun all wet, shiny, and wrinkled up.

9 Less Tests

Stop saying 'no tests.' Usually teachers will give you proper amount of time, if they aren't then tell your mom or something so she can talk to her. Tests are important so teachers know what you know and where to place you so you can learn best. How would you like it if you got put at something you learned years ago? And it was way too easy? Or you got something super hard? Less tests, I do agree on that. But none? I don't. Some of these things we need in order for school to work. Without school, you don't learn anything. I mean if school never existed. Everyone would be quite dumb, wouldn't they? Respect parts of school because you'll later use a lot of it.

I was in math class, doing ratios. We had been doing ratios for about forever, and out of the blue, my math teacher says, "Time for a test.'' Like, what!?! We aren't even prepared because you wasted your time teaching us something we already know!

Nobody likes tests, and you often don't have much time to study. More time between tests is less stressful, gives you more time to learn, and more time to study.

Why do they have to have so many tests! Well, semester exams and final exams, I'm fine with them. But normal tests are just...No!

10 Less Hours a Day

Make school start at like ten or ten thirty so people don't fall asleep in class and are more alert during the long day.

My school is over 8 hours long. The time should be cut in half to make 4. That would be so much better

My school day is 7 hours a day, that's too much for my short attention span to handle

I have 9 hours and a half everyday, plus a lot of homework. Pretty annoying.

The Contenders

11 Longer Holidays

Four months of summer vacation?! I can't imagine how depressed I would get from lack of productivity and stimulation! I'd say, get rid of summer vacation entirely, and give me a week and a half off of school each month. The needed amount of break each time school gets a bit old. That's about 132 days off of school a year. Throw in a week and a half extra for Christmas, summer, spring, and Thanksgiving break, which is 132+44=176 365-176=189 days of school a year. Which is about how much we have now. But come on, eleven days off a month! Spreading it out like that would be much preferred to me, because summer vacations always get me bored one month in. This is a much more realistic fix, rather than just cutting out school entirely.

In England we only have 6 weeks -.-
Who CARES, we should have more time off! One PROJECT in school here takes 8 weeks on average. We get 2 less than that to spend with our family. It's unfair. This really would make a dream school.

Summer break should be four months. Christmas break should be a month. Thanksgiving break should be two weeks. Spring break should be a month and two weeks

All of the teacher work days are taken in my county when it snows. It means Febraury, March, and April have no days off; not one until spring break. I NEED a few for my sanity.

12 Longer Breaks

Yes for longer breaks, but not lunch. I wanna see my crush/friend thank you very much. I have a different lunch then him, because of how it was split.

Yeah ofc, we have 30 mins for both recess and lunch, so we get a break from all that crappy boring work, I don't mind about it but classes for us is around 45 mins to 1 hour, I'm always alone but a super annoying kid never leaves me alone, I tell him to stop but he doesn't, anyways, I'm in high school and I'm hyped about the breaks

I think recess should be an hour and a half and lunch should take longr for those who are slow eaters like me it takes me a while to finish eating so yeah I want a longer lunch and recess we work hard enough so we deserve a break and not just a small one!

I agree I love sitting on the monkey bars but not the original ones

You don't even have to go to school for more than 7 hours, and you get a lunch and if you're young a recess (and if you're older, a free period). The school year is less than all the vacation you get. Stop complaining.

And you have to come home from that 7 hours and do more hours of homework...

13 Being Allowed to Listen to an iPod All the Time

That would help a lot. The music could help soothe and calm you if you're getting ready for a test, or bring the energy level a bit lower after a break. When you're working, though, you wouldn't be able to hear the teacher. But yeah, that seems good at the moment!

Yeah definitely! I hope this goes in the top ten soon, this could be in the top 3 but it'll be a stretch the way this is going that would make school very fun

They would think it's a distraction, but it really helps keep the brain going. I would love it if school allows it.

I think you should be able to listen to music during class cause it relaxes you and It makes working easier

14 More Entertaining Classes

No boring classes. In Australia in Melbourne at Princess hill primary school, my teacher almost only read books and let us have free time, we hardly hard to work at all. We had a Pajama day where everyone had to come in their pajama and it was just amazing, and very easy.

Best teacher ever: my teacher I used to have gave us candy for solving questions that Were as easy as pie, she's really fun, she tells us stories what happened to her once, and more. Her class was like, the room of fun and awesome

A classteaching how to play video games would be much better than a boring History class. Or like Roald Dahl said, he wanted a Chocolate Class instead of studying History.

Games, Videos, and more guest speakers is pretty good, anything to get out of those boring classes.

Yeah! They should teach us how to play video games. In school, my favorite things about it are playing computer games, playing sports in PE, and recess.

15 No Racism Allowed

But that means destroying every person who grew up in the south

People saying n at school? How would this happen?

Why would they allow racism at school?

I'm 10 and there's racist people in my school

16 Shorter School Year

Oh yes. Where I live I usually start school in late July. That's way too early. Most students would not be thinking of school at that time. I wish I started school in August or early September like all the other school districts in the United States do. - anonygirl

Woo more time to see my crush in hot clothes...

November to February are the school months!

Me and my friends would agree.

17 Clean Toilets

Who else can relate?

Hire more janitors


18 Kinder Teachers

Like one of my favorite special ed teacher Mr. Cheesboro

19 Sex With Teachers

Fbi open up. but in all seriousness why the hell would we want to have sex with teachers that is disgusting you sick perverts.

Oh wow, man

Wait a second man Whaddaya think the teacher's gonna look like this year? (my butt, man)

Oh yeah T-T-Teacher stop that screaming, teacher don't you see?

Don't want to be no uptown fool

Maybe I should go to hell, but I'm doing' well,

Teacher needs to see me after school

I think of all the education that I missed

But then my homework was never quite like this

Ow got it bad, got it bad, got it bad,

I'm hot for teacher

I got it bad, so bad,

I'm hot for teacher

Hey, I heard you missed us, we're back

I brought my pencil

Gimme something to write on, man

Uh uh, I heard about your lessons, but lessons are so cold

I know about this school

Little girl from Cherry Lane, how did you get so bold?

How did you know that golden rule?

I think of all the education that I missed

But then my homework was never quite like this

Ow got it bad, got it ...more

I disagree with this. That would feel uncomfortable. I would like it if teachers could hug their students, though.

Why would we want to have sex with teachers, that's disgusting!

20 More P.E Classes

What, you would like more Persecution and Excruciation?! That's the thing that I hate in schools; if you're good, it's not learning, and if you're bad, you get criticised over almost nothing! P.E. is a pointless dictatorship that should be eradicated.

My p.e teacher is awesome! She does everything awesomely and lets my girlfriend and I hold hands and kiss and we do tons of awesome stuff like basketball tournaments everyday!

Yeah! I love sports! Playing soccer with the dudes is fun! Basketball and running and football are awesome! We should have more PE! It also keeps us active!

PE is my favourite ever subject. I love all sports so much! More PE would be awesome (and swimming more often not just one term! )

21 More Focus on Learning Than Grades

Yes. YES. This is one of the biggest problems of the education system.

That would make school a lot more enjoyable for others

22 Less Standardized Testing

I know "less tests" is already an option, but I feel like this is its own thing.

23 No Creepy Perverts

If they didn't exist there wouldn't be 'sex with teachers' or 'naked girls' on this list

This one girl always asks if I need to pee

I'd loose a lot of friends

I’d be walking in to a lot of people missing...

24 Your Favorite Fictional Characters Become Your Classmate

It would be really cool if the loud house characters or all BFDI characters were my classmates

That would be The Backyardigans would become my classmates.

Icarus from Disney's Hercules would make a great classmate!

Luigi being in my class? He would be my best friend!

25 Comedian Teachers

Yeah, I need Graham Garden, Bill Oddie, and Tim Brooke-Taylor, Also known as The Goodies, to be my teachers.

This would be awesome, so they can make us laugh.

Adam Sandler would be awesome to have in class

I had a teacher who told scary stories before

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