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21 No Strict Teachers

Focus on this. This makes school so much better because the teachers would just make it so entertaining.

Imagine if your teacher was obsessed with your favourite book/T.V. show/anime and talked about it almost all the time

My dream would come true

I'd LOVE for this to happen.

That's like a dream - Ananya

22 Choose Your Subject

And maybe you could pick your CLASSMATES!

I want to do art and play soccer. I also want to learn to sing.

I'd choose only Biology and arts. Screw the rest - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Oh I get to choose subjects at grade 9. I would choose the science stuff and english, the rest I don't care much. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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23 Being Able to Watch Movies More Often

In Kindergarten all the kids do is watch cutesy little educational movies. After that... - mayamanga

Yeah, agree with this A LOT.

December: 80% chance of watching a movie
Other months: 20% chance of watching a movie

The movies we watch suck I want to be allowed to watch animated movies like Boss Baby and Secret Life Of Pets in school - Ihateschool

In theatre arts we get to watch movies ^-^

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24 More Focus on Learning Than Grades
25 Psychologists Were Hired to Help Mentally Ill or Misbehaved Students
26 No More Popular Girls

So, popular girls aren't allowed but what about popular boys? - NotYoursTruly

It says "girls" because popular girls tend to be far more annoying and bratty.

27 Less Standardized Testing

I know "less tests" is already an option, but I feel like this is its own thing. - JustAnotherAccount

28 Sensible Amounts of Homework

If by sensible you mean none, I agree

10 homework per day is insane, 3 is better. - MChkflaguard_Yt

29 Kinder Teachers
30 Choose Your Teacher

I agree. There was this one teacher at my school named Megan LaVallee that I desperately wanted to have as a teacher last year. Also, everyone told me I would have her. However, I did not have her. Because of this, I never got to communicate with her (she was not comfortable with communicating with me for some reason). If I was allowed to pick my teacher, then I would have picked her in a nanosecond. - anonygirl

There are the surprising boring math teacher at my school which never interact with us students, and everyone falls asleep. She also gives lots of homework every day. I wish I have another one which can actually deliver knowledge to us with interesting ways. - MChkflaguard_Yt

My dream teacher would be any of the Beatles, Or The Rum Tum Tugger...

Can Layne Staley be my teacher? Please! - Lucretia

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32 Have 1 on 1 Mentors

Sometimes a student just needs a little extra help. Having one teacher to explain you're classes to you at you're pace would be great.

33 If Criss Angel Was the Principal

Yeah! Haha he's already the principal for my school

You want to see some magic? Magic math though...

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34 Websites Like YouTube and TheTopTens were not Banned

I'm able to use both of these sites in school - Ihateschool

And all of the game websites - jbella9000

35 Clean Toilets
36 Party Class

Think about it: party party and MORE PARTY! Candy, fun, no homework, cake (not lies), and BLINDING LIGHTS! It would be really epic

Actually, there will be homework:Eat a piece of candy!

Oh, this is what I call heaven! - Animefan12

Only homework is to not do anything! - SionicRelations

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37 No Religion

Religion should be allowed but if children with no religion (like me) don't want to talk about religious beliefs then they should let them have a break from learning about religion

No religion yet no racism allowed? This is racist. This Mustn't be in this list. - Animefan12

Religion should be allowed but not coerced

No religious education subject better - MChkflaguard_Yt

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38 Spoiled Kids Were Regulated

In my house, I have 3 bedrooms, 5 TVs, two computers, a laptop, tables, each of 6 people has a phone (even my 4 years old sister has a touch phone), my dad has an ipod, I have 2 pets, and I live on a 9th flat of a building. I go shopping everyday with my mom or grandma. Am I spoiled?

Update:All of the brat's fish were sold, so she has fifteen pets, and I got a betta (his name is John Cena)

Update 3:I forgot, I'm now in 5th grade.

Update 2:Now I sit next to the brat.

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39 Teaches What You Need in Life

True rarely are any of the classes even somewhat useful to help you in life.

Ikr! So true! Our parents don't always teach us all the things you need in life, even when they should. We should have teachers like Cory Matthews from Girl Meets World.

40 Not Having to Do Your Regular Work on Days Where There is a Substitute Teacher.
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