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41 Phones Allowed During Classtime

I could be playing Clash of Titans if I could - RainbowArtist191

If this was a thing, I can just listen to the songs I like while doing schoolwork. I also want a free, fast and accessible wi-fi hotspot in school. I don't know, but listening to my favourite songs just feels better to ease stress and frustration on hard sums than listening to some innuendos the perverted students in my class like to crack up and laugh at. - MLPFan

42 No Guns Allowed

Isn't this rule common in all schools? - Animefan12

Yeah but some people don't follow it

That's an obvious rule.. - Ananya

This is already a rule.

43 If Jesus Christ Was the Principal

Damn Daniel where do I begin?



Jesus jesus

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44 Bidets In the Washrooms
45 Get to Have "Electronic Period"

I have a free period, so I can play electronics if I want. - Minecraftcrazy530

If you go to my school you're allowed to bring electronics and take them out between classes. - NotYoursTruly

Watching YouTube! Using the schools decent wifi! Imagine it...

My school's wifi is blocked it's stupid

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46 Free Gadget Every Year

Every kid needs to have a gift every year.
It doesn't matter if the kids failed or passed because every kid does hard work.

47 You Get to Decide the School Play of the Year

The death of Elsa!

In a sky dark with ashes

Dresses getting banned

ELMO'S HELL - TopTenHaters

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48 Faster Internet
49 Be With Your Friends

My teacher lets me sit with my BFF if we ask to!

But I feel sorry for everyone who has a bit of a strict school (in my school we need to have joined handwriting)

Yeah it's like "Don't socialize between classes, come to class" EXCUSE ME? Should we not socialize at all or something, at least we should do it between classes

My teacher hates me and my friends. She never lets us sit together, work together, hang out with each other, get within 10 ft. of each other, talk to each other, have fun around each other, or draw together. We think it's because she has no friends.

50 Sweets And Chocolate Everyday Instead Of Vegetables

I would do that, too. Most of the girls at my school are super skinny and want to be thicker. It's better they gain the weight than to keep complaining about being too skinny. - anonygirl

Chocolate at home and veggies at home are better than at school.

We have forgotten about our vegetables. The veggies will get their revenge, lol.

Tummy EXPLOSION - MChkflaguard_Yt

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51 Video Games

Video games are entertaining.
You can be active with them.

52 School in the Sky
53 Faster Computers

Each computer could have 8GB of RAM instead of 2GB, which would make them more pleasant to use. - drdevil

54 Drop a Subject You Hate

In addition to choosing your subject you probably habe a subject you wanna get rid of. It helps you focus more on your favourite subjects and path to yiur future career. I would drop PE - MChkflaguard_Yt

55 Cops Should Be Hired to Work Indoor and Outdoor Areas of the School

Exactly better than the other stupid ass items on this list

56 If Angelina Jolie Was the Principal

Yeah, no. - RainbowArtist191

57 Have Hydration Stations Next to the Drinking Fountains
58 No Schizophrenics Allowed

This is mean! Schizophrenics are humans too! This just sounds like you're discriminating!

This is just mean - Ihateschool

59 No Depressing Uniforms

I actually wish that school uniforms had to be worn at my school. You may not be able to express your personality as much, but it is what is on the inside that counts, not the outside. Some people cannot afford attractive clothes. That does not automatically make them terrible people. Just because someone wears attractive clothes does not automatically make them friendly people either. If schools enforced a uniform policy, and students wore the same clothes because of it, then students will judge others based on the way they act rather than what they are wearing. - anonygirl

America isn't the only country on the planet. Other countries have to wear uniforms not just upper class schools but ordinary schools too.

At least your parents can't choose exactly what you wear til standard dress.

Yes. These ugly shirts and pants make us all look like office workers,... - Lucretia

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60 Boys Don't Have to Wear Ties On Assembly Day

We don't have to wear ties in our school. - Animefan12

I saw one student who was using his tie as a napkin..gross - Ananya


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