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61 All the Teachers Have Morgan Freeman's Voice

This will be the best.


62 Prostitution Club

Ahem my class, there isn't any sex involved but most of them worship idols and talk about sex too much

ExCUSE me? I don't have any sex with my life, so shut up and stop talking about that - RainbowArtist191

That's disgusting

Disgusting, STD spreading, harlotry!

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63 No School at All

Just do your learning online because that's where most of the glory is anyway - VoidSense

We are trying to improve school not get rid of it, no school will kill a country - MChkflaguard_Yt

We are trying to improve school, not get rid of it. - anonygirl

Then we become stupid. Some of us want to be educated.

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64 Lunch is Whenever V 2 Comments
65 Art is Just Cartoon Pictures

Yes. Just Yes. I'm so tired of doing all this modern art stuff. I want to draw cartoons and make comic books!

I just want to draw Hollyleaf

I prefer realism

You forgot to add to draw anime - RainbowArtist191

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66 Chatting in Class

Not if the teacher is discussing a new subject.

67 iPads Are Used Instead of Books

I disagree with this as well. I use computers in my English class, and I hate how I cannot use an actual mouse, how some websites will not let me log in, or how thin the keyboard buttons are. - anonygirl

It would be better because where I used to go & where I go now they have us use the books & write what we think is important the WHOLE period

I think books are better, because devices like iPads give off radiation and that in turn can lead to cancer if overused

They should use Androids. I will refuse to use any apple produc for the rest of my life. - Kaboom

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68 McDonald's for Lunch Every Friday

No way! I am not gonna go to school if this happens! I would rather get home schooled unless if they don't have that.

Then I will not come to school on Friday, and make all the students do the same. Until they ban McDonalds at school. I will not eat anything from McDonalds. - Kaboom

McDonald's for lunch every Friday?! They have unhealthy foods which makes people more unhealthier and ill.

Who put this down some 4 foot 5 200 pound fattie? this would make school worse!

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69 Major League Gaming

If the school was more MLG

If School was more MLG, we would go to school, play call of duty and smash and driNkiNg mountain dew with a side of Doritos. We would also learn about noscoping, quickscoping and 360° Noscopes, as well as learning aBout sanic, doge,snoop dog and the teachers are the the way, do you mean the people who create memes or the professional gamers?

I am against this.
That means school will turn into a mess
and that creates more bad children
and that tears apart the society
and that means rip your country
and that means you got screwed - MChkflaguard_Yt

70 A Chocolate Fountain Instead Of A Water Fountain

Not so fun fact:People that are allergic to chocolate are actually fine with the chocolate but are allergic to cockroach parts in the chocolate. So you are saying "A liquified cockroach fountain! " Even though I love chocolate too.

That would be cool! And a hydration station next to it so that we would still sell water next to the chocolate fountain would be ideal. - anonygirl

Best thing ever! ( Sorry to all those people who are allergic to chocolate. )

Then what for those who is REALLY thristy? - MChkflaguard_Yt

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71 If You Could Pick Your Teachers
72 If Well-Liked Celebrity Could Substitute for an Absent Teacher
73 Have Amusement Park Rides to Ride on During Lunch Break

Oh yes, so I can finally ride roller coasters without waiting for 6 months (there's no roller coasters where I live, so I have to go outside my country to ride one, which I can do only every 6 months) - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Instead of boring short slides, swings, and some monkey bars, how about roller coasters and water slides instead. That would be way more fun and there will be more happy people at school. - AnimeDrawer

I am talking about having roller coasters, Ferris wheels, merry-go-rounds, launched freefalls, teacups, chair swings, and other fun rides on the school campus to ride on during lunch. It could only be used during lunch so it is not too distracting. I know this is a stupid idea, but it would be fun for me. - anonygirl

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74 If All the Toilets in the Girls' Restrooms Were Auto-Flush Toilets

Face it, most girls I know love automatic flushing toilets because they do not have to touch handles. I am a girl who does not like them, but I am a minority of those girls. - anonygirl

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75 More Variety in the Music Played at Lunch

During lunch at my school, the only music played is contemporary rap music. There is nothing wrong with contemporary rap music, but it is better to mix it up. I suggest that they do a variety of different genres (rock, country, jazz, disco, etc.) as well as a variety of different decades (60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, etc.). I am not trying to be stupid; I am just trying to be helpful. - anonygirl

How come they don't play "Lean On" in schools? - RainbowArtist191

76 Recess in High School V 1 Comment
77 No More Exams
78 More Swearing
79 Drinking and Smoking

Idiot - TopTenHaters

Same as "mlg" - MChkflaguard_Yt

80 Cool Teachers
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