Top 10 Things That Would Make the Video Game Industry Better

The Top Ten Things That Would Make the Video Game Industry Better

1 Fewer home consoles on the market

Remember back when the crash of 1983 happened with horrible video games & too many video game consoles? There were too many home consoles back then. There were more than handheld consoles. If there's some consoles that shouldn't exist, it's the Fairchild Channel F, Bally Astrocade, Emerson Arcadia 2001, Atari 5200, and the Vectrex. Yeah. TOO MANY HOME CONSOLES!

2 Sony & Atari working with Nintendo

Nintendo & Atari-BRINGING THE FAMICOM TO North America

Nintendo & Sony-SNES-CD

Imagine if they all worked together. That would be nice. If Nintendo really worked with Sony & Atari, these things wouldn't happen.

1.N.E.S. VS. Atari 7800

2. Game Boy VS. Atari Lynx

3. SNES-CD Cancelled Due To Licensing Disagreements

4. PlayStation VS. Nintendo 64 VS. Sega Saturn

5. PlayStation 2 VS. GameCube

6. PlayStation 3 VS. Wii


8. Ps Vita VS. 3DS

9. PS4 VS. Wii U

Think of all the possibilities of new games that would come out!

3 Sega supporting their current hardware rather than rushing it

If Sega made all of those amazing consoles while rushing, I'm totally fine with it.

Sega CD, 32X, Saturn, and Dreamcast are all consoles that were rushed by Sega. If Sega weren't supporting consoles, that means that they're making games on other platforms.

4 No disk locked content
5 Xbox One presentation talking about video games more than TV & other entertainment
6 Update the Xbox ONE
7 More Cave Story
8 No DLC
9 More companies jumping into the console business

Just imagine companies like Amazon or Disney making consoles.

10 Originality

Think About It...
We Get The Same Or Similar Games Over And Over With No Changes.
Games Can Be In The Same Genre... But At Least Make Games Unique!

The Only People/Companies Oddly Enough Who Are Being Different Are The Lesser Known Companies And Some Indie Game Makers.

The Contenders

11 Ban EA

YES! Electronic Arts must be shut down FOREVER & EVER!

12 Microsoft bringing Rareware to Nintendo for $5,000,000 US
13 Less money-grabbing capitalist companies
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