Top Ten Things that Would Never Be Added to the Terms of Use of TheTopTens

Pretty self-explanatory, folks. Admin, don't get any ideas.

The Top Ten

1 You cannot create an account

That takes out a lot of what made this site so big in the first place.

Too late now... - SirSheep

Then we’d all be rebels and everyone would be suspended. - Randomator

I'm naturally rebellious. If I see a pointless and/or stupid rule I speak up and often refuse to follow it. - Cyri

2 The whole policy is void

Am I the only one who finds this paradoxical? - MaxAurelius

I think a lot of people wish this would be added but it never will - Randomator

What’s the policy? - PhoenixAura81

3 All must pray to admin every night

I don't pray to dictators. - B1ueNew

Yes, treat the extremely inconsistent policy as the Bible. - MrCoolC

Don't get any ideas. - Cyri

I only pray to God not dictators - Randomator

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4 No one can make any more than ten comments per day

If this rule exists - sadical

For making me cry - sadical

This is a bad rule - sadical

Because the best way to improve the site is to limit how much we can contribute an I right? - Randomator

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5 All images are disallowed

Including profile pics? - Randomator

6 All users must be communists

Oh yeah because that ended well for the USSR. The site would collapse - Randomator

I'm terribly confused and mildly awed by your creativity, Cyri. - MaxAurelius

7 Nobody can comment

Too bad, so sad. - sadical

Whoops guess I broke the rule. - Randomator

I commented. - Cyri

Oh no, I’m gonna get suspended! - Firemist

8 You must hate all users equally

Does that include users who retired? - Randomator

That's hard. - Cyri

9 All users must be fans of One Direction

Nope. Just nope. - Cyri

I would’ve made this rule when I was 10. - sadical

10 No tenth entries in lists

Yeah, let's get this to number 9. - MaxAurelius

Oh the irony. This item is currently at #10 - Randomator

I mean they might as well just rename the site TheTopNines. Sounds way cooler than TheTopTens. Top ten lists are overrated anyway - Randomator

Let’s rename this site TTN, AKA TheTopNines! And who cares if the title sounds like dynamite! - Firemist

The Contenders

11 All users must be fans of Dimash Kudaibergen

Who is this "Dimash" you speak of? - Misfire

What kind of a stupid rule is that?! In fact, I never even to listened any of his songs!

Never! Lol this list is funny! - Userguy44

WHO? - Randomator

12 All users must eat tacos on the fourteenth of every month, and only on those days

Lol, why? - Neonco31

That’s overly complicated there’s no way I’ll remember - Randomator

13 All users must be fans of metal music
14 Users may not breathe

*Users all die* Now admin are murderers! - Firemist

15 All users have to like Puga

Everyone must like and respect the chief! - Userguy44

16 Users may not make lists
17 All users must be Beliebers
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