Top Ten Things That Would Rather Be Anything Else

Gotta give kudos to there unfortunate items - they never complain.

The Top Ten

1 A Toilet
2 A Sumo Wrestler's Pants
3 A Seat On Public Transport

I've read what lurks in them *Shivers* - Britgirl

4 A Hearing Aid

Can you imagine one of these poor things at a Justin Bieber concert? - Britgirl

"He said, 'Turn up your hearing aid! '"
"What? "
"He said, 'Turn up your hearing aid! '"
"What? "
"He said, 'Turn up your hearing aid! '"
"What? " - PositronWildhawk

5 A Matress
6 A Mankini

Good God! No thank you! - Britgirl

7 A Toothpick
8 A Hand

But the hand is one of the most fortunate things too! The hand can make machines, do work, hold something, clap for appreciation, fight, write, can almost touch any part of our body (common brother) and can do anything. It's truly a leader of all the body parts of the human body.
I LOVE MY HANDS! - Kiteretsunu

Hmm... I wonder what are you thinking of... haha - keyson

Some of the things a hand has to do... Wouldn't YOU feel sorry for it? - Britgirl

9 Toilet Paper
10 Chewing Gum

Britgirl your Analogy is Perfect on how humans are often Treated like Gum! - Curti2594

Chewed up and spat out. Pretty much treated like some humans are. - Britgirl

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