Top Ten Things that Would Silence Rabid Amourshippers

Not that I want any of these to happen. But maybe if these were real, Amourshippers would stop bashing us Amourshipping haters!

The Top Ten

1 Amourshipping being canon

Honestly Amourshippers are just toxic. They will literally bash other people who don't ship Amour. Obviously, they want their ship to happen, but they don't have to be so moronic about it. Serena kissing Ash doesn't automatically mean that Amour is cannon. - dels

Face it: they will never shut up and yell at you for having a different opinion. Ash and Serena could get married and have children and they would still bash other ships and calling them dead, when amourshipping (ironically) is the ship with least chemistry.

Nope, this would just make them bash people even more. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Ah, no. They will never shut up. They aren't think their ship is canon when it isn't. - Rue

2 Serena coming back In the Sun and Moon anime

Only for a few episodes.

3 Ash x Serena spin off OVA
4 Harem visual novel

Lol, actually the things on this list would make them even more vocal and obnoxious.

5 Ash and Serena kissing
6 All other girls who get paired with Ash being removed
7 A new anime with Serena as the partner
8 Ash and Serena getting married
9 Pokemon Valentine's Day special starring Ash and Serena
10 Amourshipping confession scene

And Ash rejects her.

The Contenders

11 Ash and Serena kiss each other and date
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