Top Ten Things that Would've Made Zootopia a Better Movie


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1 No sloths

It would have been even more hilarious if they got killed. - darthvadern

2 Bellwether not being a villain
3 No censored naked animals

It was very disgusting. - darthvadern

YUCK. - AlphaQ

4 Nick Wlide killing Judy Hopps

Because foxes eat rabbits. - darthvadern

It's A kids movie, - VideoGamefan5

5 No racism

There is tons of racism in this movie. - Powerfulgirl10

6 No crazy fanbase
7 Ahmed Best as Officer Benjamin Clawhauser

His voice is hilarious! - darthvadern

8 Judy Hopps being less ugly

She would be better if she was a fox, or at least turned into a fox in the end. Because foxes don't make good couples with rabbits in my opinion.

She's so ugly. - darthvadern

9 Having videogamefan5 in it

Agreed, it would've been hilarious - jack2244

It would have been hilarious. - darthvadern

Lol. I would love to see this. - Powerfulgirl10

Heh heh lol - AlphaQ

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10 No Mr. Big

He sucked. - darthvadern

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11 Not trying so hard to be relevant

You know the trope "we're still relevant dammit"? This is that trope:the movie.

Thanks whoever put this one. Now I don't have to choose between "not being so heavy on the sociopolitical commentary" and "fewer pop culture references" since trying so [very] hard to be relevant is why it was so heavy on the social commentary and why there are less pop culture references in any episode of Robot Chicken.

12 A "rocks fall, everyone dies" ending

Yeah! - darthvadern

13 Animals with chains and tattoos
14 Not being so heavy on the sociopolitical commentary
15 Fewer pop culture references
16 No violence
17 Not being made by Disney

Yeah, this was Disney trying to emulate Dreamworks, specifically Dreamworks from a time they were actually a threat to Disney's animated children's entertainment stronghold. Which given the successes of "Tangled", "Wreck-It Ralph" (which despite what it may seem actually beat Dreamworks's "Rise of the Guardians" at the box office), "Big Hero 6", "Inside Out", and yes "Frozen" wasn't necessary.

18 Cursing
19 Fatalities
20 Its release not coinciding with Trump running for president

Let's face it, it only got as popular as it did, has 99.9999999999% of the world defending it like it was their child, and won that Oscar because of The Message and how because of Trump's views we "need it more than ever".

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