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1 No censored naked animals

Why does a movie, especially as so often brought as a defense a "kid's movie" HAVE TO reflect Real Society?

It was very disgusting. - darthvadern

Sorry, I accidentally posted my comment four times.

Don't care how many times this was posted before, it deserves not to keep getting buried: "What was the point of that? Honoring nudists which I heard what it was about? Or pandering to furries who draw disgusting furry porn on websites like E621 (and I had the displeasure of coming across porn of those two wolves yesterday)? If the latter, SHAME ON YOU DISNEY. I saw this in the trailer and was like "what? " hat was one reason I chose not to see this film. I hope they also didn't make censors in a way so it looked like they know. I've read hentai doujinshi that's more appealing, plus I've even found ones that weren't disgusting, and at least they're rated adult only!
It's sad that a lot of "family" films nowadays have stupidly pervy moments in them like this. Shows how much our generation is...
Just watch the older Disney films instead, it's clear that Walt and Roy are spinning in their graves."

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2 No racism

"But it was just ADDRESSING racism! " Don't care; if this movie had had nothing whatever to do with racism and it wasn't such a big deal, it would have been a better movie.

There is tons of racism in this movie. - Powerfulgirl10

But we shouldn't have had to "address modern concerns", especially "in a child friendly manner". Believe it or not, some of us (regardless of skin color, what's between our legs, what we want our spouses to have between our legs, what deity we worship if any, etc.) do not worry about those things all the time and may actually watch cartoon movies to escape the constant talk thereof and the pressure to become activists. And kids should just be kids, society has been chipping away at childhood innocence enough. Let's not get them involved in all this socio-political arguing.

There wasn't racism, it was addressing it. - 445956

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3 Not trying so hard to be relevant

You know the trope "we're still relevant dammit"? This is that trope:the movie.

Something so timely and wonderfully relevant now will at best be a joke later on.

What? - 445956

Thanks whoever put this one. Now I don't have to choose between "not being so heavy on the sociopolitical commentary" and "fewer pop culture references" since trying so [very] hard to be relevant is why it was so heavy on the social commentary and why there are less pop culture references in any episode of Robot Chicken.

4 No sloths

Yeah, you complain about sloths in Zootopia but you are fine with lemmings peeing in Norm of the North. - 445956

It would have been even more hilarious if they got killed. - darthvadern

Again, it's a kids movie - VideoGamefan5

5 Fewer pop culture references

I agree. The target audience of Disney is too young to even think about pop culture. - anonygirl

6 Not being so heavy on the sociopolitical commentary

Family films and Disney films don't even need political commentary at all.

7 Bellwether not being a villain

The twist villain thing had become trite and overdone by the time she showed up

8 If the songs were original songs with Disney charm instead of unoriginal mainstream songs.

I liked songs like "Just Can't Wait to be King" (from Lion King) and "Nobody Else But You" (from A Goofy Movie) because they were original and had a Disney feel to it. The songs on Zootopia are songs that I hear on the radio all the time, and they do not really have a Disney feel to them. - anonygirl

9 Nick Wlide killing Judy Hopps

Because foxes eat rabbits. - darthvadern

"It's A kid's movie" So were Bambi, The Lion King, Make Mine Music, The Princess and the Frog, and Big Hero 6.

"No one gets killed because it's a kids movie" Bambi's mother, Mufasa, Willie the Whale, Ray, Tiana's father, and Tadashi Hamada would like a word with you

No one gets killed because it's a kids movie - VideoGamefan5

So by your logic, The Lion King, Bambi, Wreck-it Ralph and A Bug's Life aren't kids movies, yeah, I believe you (not) - darthvadern

It's A kids movie, - VideoGamefan5

10 Ahmed Best as Officer Benjamin Clawhauser

His voice is hilarious! - darthvadern

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? Make Nick Wilde a villain

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11 Fewer animal puns

"Wreck-It Rhino", "Let It Goat", The Beagles... it all got real old real fast, and a lot of those puns were real stretches.

12 Being more kid-friendly
13 No Mr. Big

He sucked. - darthvadern

14 Judy Hopps not getting as insulted as she was.
15 A "rocks fall, everyone dies" ending

Yeah! - darthvadern

16 Not just being "Wreck-It Ralph" but with an (allegedly) more relatable cast/setting and more "fortutitous" timing

Misunderstood " bad guy" befriending a cute widdle misunderstood female? "Wreck-It Ralph" had that. That lovely Message (TM) about prejudice? "Wreck-It Ralph" had that. Too bad it took place in an arcade and the characters were video game characters and since not everyone's a gamer (p.s. this why sadly WiR 2 is going to see the arcade shut down and take place within- *groan*- the Internet) but of course "everyone" just loves talking animals... Also WiR came out at a time people weren't as overly sensitive about race, gender, etc. and there wasn't a bigot running for president/in office, so everyone wasn't so hung up on what Important Issues WiR or any other movie from before 2015/2016 addressed. Shame, because WiR was BY FAR the better movie.

17 No Gazelle or her dancers
18 Not using the word "cute" as a racial slur
19 Not being made by Disney

Yeah, this was Disney trying to emulate Dreamworks, specifically Dreamworks from a time they were actually a threat to Disney's animated children's entertainment stronghold. Which given the successes of "Tangled", "Wreck-It Ralph" (which despite what it may seem actually beat Dreamworks's "Rise of the Guardians" at the box office), "Big Hero 6", "Inside Out", and yes "Frozen" wasn't necessary.

This is more in tune with something Blue Skies or Dreamworks would have made.

20 Judy Hopps being less ugly

She would be better if she was a fox, or at least turned into a fox in the end. Because foxes don't make good couples with rabbits in my opinion.

She's so ugly. - darthvadern

21 Animals with chains and tattoos
22 No violence
23 Cursing
24 Fatalities
25 Its release not coinciding with Trump running for president

Let's face it, it only got as popular as it did, has 99.9999999999% of the world defending it like it was their child, and won that Oscar because of The Message and how because of Trump's views we "need it more than ever".

26 Nick Wilde getting killed

Before VideoGameFan5 throws his "but it's a KID'S MOVIE, nobody gets killed in kid's movies", The Lion King was a kid's movie and Mufasa still got killed in it. And naFrovivuS with his "but ____ HAPPENS IN REAL SOCIETY, kids NEED to see that" defenses, well, guess what, people get killed in real life and shouldn't that be shown to kids by your logic?

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1. No censored naked animals
2. If the songs were original songs with Disney charm instead of unoriginal mainstream songs.
3. Fewer pop culture references
1. Not being so heavy on the sociopolitical commentary
2. Not trying so hard to be relevant
3. Fewer animal puns
1. No sloths
2. Bellwether not being a villain
3. No censored naked animals

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