Top Ten Things that Would've Made Zootopia a Better Movie

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1 No censored naked animals

Animals are naked in real life though... I get that it was trying to nasty but it wasn't really trying to be that gross. How can it be gross? Just animals. - B1ueNew

E621 is a disgusting website! - Flowerrose

What was the point of that? Honoring nudists which I heard what it was about? Or pandering to furries who draw disgusting furry porn on websites like E621 (and I had the displeasure of coming across porn of those two wolves yesterday)? If the latter, SHAME ON YOU DISNEY. I saw this in the trailer and was like "what? " hat was one reason I chose not to see this film. I hope they also didn't make censors in a way so it looked like they had boobs know. I've read hentai doujinshi that's more appealing, plus I've even found ones that weren't disgusting, and at least they're rated adult only!

It's sad that a lot of "family" films nowadays have stupidly pervy moments in them like this. Shows how much our generation is...

Just watch the older Disney films instead, it's clear that Walt and Roy are spinning in their graves.

Why does a movie, especially as so often brought as a defense a "kid's movie" HAVE TO reflect Real Society?

2 Not trying so hard to be relevant

This also would have improved the Wreck-It Ralph sequel that hardly felt like a sequel.

You know the trope "we're still relevant dammit"? This is that trope:the movie.

Something so timely and wonderfully relevant now will at best be a joke later on.

Heavy social political commentary and excessive pop culture references. I've seen (recent) "Simpsons" episodes try less hard to prove how "with it" the writers supposedly are.

3 Not being so heavy on the sociopolitical commentary

"It was being honest" Well, I'm going to be honest and say it wasn't necessary. There are enough sources for sociopolitical rhetoric without Disney getting in on it.

Both sane demos and conservs (75% of america) say talking about politics in innapropiate places (Family movies, theme parks) is bad. - Maddox121

Family films and Disney films don't even need political commentary at all.

Why I do not like the movie - darthvadern

4 No racism

Argue schematics all you want; racism was very much a theme here. And this movie cared more about addressing racism than plot or character development.

"Children SHOULD learn the world's not sunshine and rainbows". Oddly enough, there are ADULTS who actually would rather NOT stress over politics and social justice (whatever that's supposed to even mean these days) every second every minute every hour of every day, and don't think their kids (if they have them) should, either.

"But it was just ADDRESSING racism! " Don't care; if this movie had had nothing whatever to do with racism and it wasn't such a big deal, it would have been a better movie.

There is tons of racism in this movie. - Powerfulgirl10

5 Bellwether not being a villain

The twist villain is probably my least favorite thing in Zootopia because it was lazy writing.
Other than that, Zootopia is still a good movie. - BurnAux

It's a twist villian - darthvadern

The twist villain thing had become trite and overdone by the time she showed up

6 Fewer pop culture references

I agree. The target audience of Disney is too young to even think about pop culture. - anonygirl

GTFO, B1ueNew! Fans like you are why I will never love this overrated trash! by the way, the first Wreck It Ralph didn't have "way more pop culture references", Ralph Breaks the Internet did.

So what. Wreck it Ralph and Lego movie had way more pop culture references. - B1ueNew

7 Not just being "Wreck-It Ralph" but with an (allegedly) more relatable cast/setting and more "fortutitous" timing

Too bad this movie went on to influence the second "Ralph" movie, what with it being laden with pop culture references and virtue signaling just like "Zootopia".

That said, I have no idea how a sequel to Zootopia will be even more annoyingly "relevant" than Zootopia itself, as was the case with WIR's pathetic joke of a "sequel"- and I'm scared to find out.

Misunderstood " bad guy" befriending a cute widdle misunderstood female? "Wreck-It Ralph" had that. That lovely Message (TM) about prejudice? "Wreck-It Ralph" had that. Too bad it took place in an arcade and the characters were video game characters and since not everyone's a gamer (p.s. this why sadly WiR 2 is going to see the arcade shut down and take place within- *groan*- the Internet) but of course "everyone" just loves talking animals... Also WiR came out at a time people weren't as overly sensitive about race, gender, etc. and there wasn't a bigot running for president/in office, so everyone wasn't so hung up on what Important Issues WiR or any other movie from before 2015/2016 addressed. Shame, because WiR was BY FAR the better movie.

That fact that many of the same people who worked on Wreck it Ralph (and it’s poor excuse of a sequel Ralph Breaks The Internet) also worked on Zootopia like Bitch Moore for example doesn’t help whatsoever either. - Mario8

8 No sloths

The sloths were the funniest part. Take a pill, op.

What's wrong with them? - B1ueNew

I actually thought the sloth scene in the trailer was funny, funnier than anything else in the film. - SailorSedna

Yeah, you complain about sloths in Zootopia but you are fine with lemmings peeing in Norm of the North. - 445956

9 Fewer animal puns

"Wreck-It Rhino", "Let It Goat", The Beagles... it all got real old real fast, and a lot of those puns were real stretches.

What the visitor said - darthvadern

10 If the songs were original songs with Disney charm instead of unoriginal mainstream songs.

I liked songs like "Just Can't Wait to be King" (from Lion King) and "Nobody Else But You" (from A Goofy Movie) because they were original and had a Disney feel to it. The songs on Zootopia are songs that I hear on the radio all the time, and they do not really have a Disney feel to them. - anonygirl

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? Having a racism metaphor that actually makes sense

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11 Its release not coinciding with Trump running for president

What does Trump have to do with this damn movie? Keep politics out of non political stuff please...

Okay? And how exactly does Donald Trump have anything to do with this movie again? - 3DG20

Ok when did you want it to be released? Huh? When Obama was on his 2nd term or what? - B1ueNew

Lol what? - darthvadern

12 Not using the word "cute" as a racial slur

This truly was one of the stupidest ideas I've ever seen used for a film, as "cute" is not a disgusting, reviled word like the n-word is. - SailorSedna

13 Nick Wlide killing Judy Hopps

That would be dark - MrCoolC

Nick killing Judy would have the exact opposite effect then make it a better movie in fact it might make the movie even worse.

Why though? - B1ueNew

Because foxes eat rabbits. - darthvadern

14 No Gazelle or her dancers

Over-sexualized character trying to be hip and cool - darthvadern

15 Being more kid-friendly

Too much jumpscares and racism talks, I expect that to be on a low-grade Family Guy NOT DISNEY MOVIES. #ScrewBobIger #LucasIsTheRealJedi - Maddox121

16 Ahmed Best as Officer Benjamin Clawhauser

His voice is hilarious! - darthvadern

17 No Mr. Big

He sucked. - darthvadern

18 Not being made by Disney

Yeah, this was Disney trying to emulate Dreamworks, specifically Dreamworks from a time they were actually a threat to Disney's animated children's entertainment stronghold. Which given the successes of "Tangled", "Wreck-It Ralph" (which despite what it may seem actually beat Dreamworks's "Rise of the Guardians" at the box office), "Big Hero 6", "Inside Out", and yes "Frozen" wasn't necessary.

Was this seriously made by the same Disney who prefers that their films be timeless (no, timeLESS is not the same thing as timeLY) and leave the pop-culture laden, veiled (or not) political statement type stuff that'll be dated in a year to Dreamworks or Blue Skies or whoever?

This is more in tune with something Blue Skies or Dreamworks would have made.

Nope. There's no toilet humor in this movie. It doesn't feel like a Dreamworks movie at ALL. - B1ueNew

19 Judy Hopps not getting as insulted as she was.

I feel like the twist of somebody not fitting in a city has already been done many times - darthvadern

20 A "rocks fall, everyone dies" ending

How mature. - B1ueNew

Yeah! - darthvadern

21 Having a pro-racism message

Liberal messages are racist to orange people - Maddox121

Racism is a good thing just as long as you don’t take it too far since so called stereotypes against groups like all Jews being greedy and all Muslims being terrorists are actually true. That is why it should have had a pro racism message. - Mario8

22 Not portraying the police in a completely positive way

It does not help that this movie came out at a time police brutality on black men was at a all time high making the portrayal of the police in a completely positive way in the film all the more baffling (With the closest to a bad police officer in the movie being Chief Bogo and even then he is more of a strict one than a truly bad police officer) considering the movie’s anti racism message. - Mario8

23 Judy Hopps being less ugly

She would be better if she was a fox, or at least turned into a fox in the end. Because foxes don't make good couples with rabbits in my opinion.

She's so ugly. - darthvadern

24 Animals with chains and tattoos
25 No violence

Avengers and Star Wars have violence and you like them. - B1ueNew

26 Cursing

This would make it even worse - darthvadern

27 Fatalities
28 Nick Wilde getting killed

Before VideoGameFan5 throws his "but it's a KID'S MOVIE, nobody gets killed in kid's movies", The Lion King was a kid's movie and Mufasa still got killed in it. And naFrovivuS with his "but ____ HAPPENS IN REAL SOCIETY, kids NEED to see that" defenses, well, guess what, people get killed in real life and shouldn't that be shown to kids by your logic?

29 Make Nick Wilde a villain

But that would be stereotypical because the audience would expect in the beginning that would happen

30 Fewer awkward moments in it
31 Using the deleted scenes
32 Not having a gay couple
33 Not pandering to furries
34 Not having Rich Moore and Byron Howard as the directors of the movie
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