Top Ten Things that Would've Made Zootopia a Better Movie


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21 Judy Hopps being less ugly

She would be better if she was a fox, or at least turned into a fox in the end. Because foxes don't make good couples with rabbits in my opinion.

She's so ugly. - darthvadern

22 Animals with chains and tattoos
23 No violence
24 Not being made by Disney

Yeah, this was Disney trying to emulate Dreamworks, specifically Dreamworks from a time they were actually a threat to Disney's animated children's entertainment stronghold. Which given the successes of "Tangled", "Wreck-It Ralph" (which despite what it may seem actually beat Dreamworks's "Rise of the Guardians" at the box office), "Big Hero 6", "Inside Out", and yes "Frozen" wasn't necessary.

This is more in tune with something Blue Skies or Dreamworks would have made.

25 Cursing
26 Fatalities
27 Its release not coinciding with Trump running for president

Let's face it, it only got as popular as it did, has 99.9999999999% of the world defending it like it was their child, and won that Oscar because of The Message and how because of Trump's views we "need it more than ever".

28 Nick Wilde getting killed

Before VideoGameFan5 throws his "but it's a KID'S MOVIE, nobody gets killed in kid's movies", The Lion King was a kid's movie and Mufasa still got killed in it. And naFrovivuS with his "but ____ HAPPENS IN REAL SOCIETY, kids NEED to see that" defenses, well, guess what, people get killed in real life and shouldn't that be shown to kids by your logic?

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1. No censored naked animals
2. If the songs were original songs with Disney charm instead of unoriginal mainstream songs.
3. Fewer pop culture references
1. Not being so heavy on the sociopolitical commentary
2. Not trying so hard to be relevant
3. Fewer animal puns
1. No sloths
2. Bellwether not being a villain
3. No censored naked animals

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