Things Wrong With Modern Warfare 2

I personally believe MW2 is great but heres a few things I heard that are wrong with it.

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1 Noob Tubes

I don't like to die quickly. I actually want to play with people who are willing to play fair. No game is perfect. I like Mw2 very much, but noob toobing... Come on guys. Grow up.

The only time it is acceptible to noob toob is when there are campers and quick scopers because I hate them more.

Future FPS games should learn from MW 2, put away the noob tubes and the majority of players will be happy. - bigblackdragon

I sometimes use the grenade launcher, but when thats all the people use, I get pissed off. - my111

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2 Marathon, Lightweight, Commando Users

Wtf I can stand still 10 feet away with commando and my guy will magically slide across the floor and stab the guy

I personally love commando, I don't care for any of these alone, but put together with the ranger or model 1887 akimbo, I hate these people. To He11 with this combo

At least they patched care package marker super-speed, but still if you use this guess what UR NOT GOOD KID - TotalBeast93

3 Nuke

Completely ruined everything. I hate how everybody brags how they can get a bunch of nukes all the time. I'm glad there's not going to be stupid nukes in Black Ops.

No matter what game mode, no matter how many kills the game is set for (30, 50 100, etc) when you get a nuke, it's game over for everybody. It completely ruins the gameplay.

4 Lag

Apart from hackers and modders, Lag definitely ruined this game.

Every time I'm about to get a sick killcam with a sniper rifle, the game just lags out of nowhere. And 50% of the time it sends you back to the MAIN MENU. And, if you had a lot of kills while you were playing, all of your XP goes down the toilet and its gone. Lags are definitely the worst thing wrong with COD MW2. - my111

5 Chopper Gunner
6 Pave Low
7 Story Mode is Too Short
8 Painkiller

This is the only one I actually have problems with, 3 direct chest shots with the wa2000 and stopping power and they still don't die. -

9 Heartbeat Sensor
10 RPGs With Danger Close

the size of the explosion is way too big. You can be standing 20 metres away and it still sends ou flying

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11 Riot Shields
12 One Man Army
13 WA2000
14 ESRB rating

Or is this just me?

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